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You walked into the pool area and looked to see Rias standing there as everyone else walked in to change into swimsuits.

Hey Rias.

She turned around and greeted you with a smile. 

Rias "Hey Y/n, where were you?"

You sighed before stretching.

I had to deal with some political matters. I'm sure you've heard about the summit that's supposed to happen soon?

Rias "Yes, wait are you attending?"

I'm attending as my place of the head of the house of Sparta. After all, this will include everyone, including the other devil houses and Azazel himself. 

Rias "Yes I did here about how he recently showed himself to you."

Yeah, he's taken an interest in my sacred gear. But enough of that for now. I came here to help you clean the pool, get all this political shit off my mind. Let me go change and I'll be right out.

Rias "Alright, but don't push yourself."

I won't.

You jogged over to changing room and opened the door. You put your stuff in the locker and was about to take off your shirt when you heard Issei and Kiba. 

Something tells me I need to record this.

You pulled out your phone and crept over to them, hitting the record button on your camera. Kiba was there, his shirt unbuttoned and Issei was standing there half-naked. Kiba was saying some stuff that was pretty gay for the current situation. When they finished up you quickly changed into some swim trunks, your chest still being exposed. You saved the video to your gallery and locked your phone, placing it in your locker as you grabbed your shirt and shutting it. You turned around to leave when you felt a surge of power through your body, and it felt like a fire had erupted from inside you. You screamed and heard two sets of footsteps from behind you come closer. You put your hands to your chest, your heart feeling like it was about to bust. 

Issei "Y/n man, you ok?"

You were breathing heavy, sweat pouring from your head.


Kiba "I'll go get Rias."

He ran out of the room and went to find her as Issei swung your arm over his shoulder.

Issei "Cmon, let's get you over to a bench."

He helped you walk over to the bench where he was earlier. You heard a clunk on the floor and looked to see your arms now had chains on them. He sat you down and you tried to un-summon the blades, only to be met with the same power surge as before. You grabbed your chest again and you heard many footsteps come into the room. When it calmed down you saw Rias place a circle over you. When the circle disappeared she had a face of concern on her face. 

Rias "It seems that you weren't ready completely for the burden a weapon like this brings. It has a massive cost on the soul. There's to much power running through your body, a kind of power filled with rage."

Is......there......anyway........to.......stop it?

Rias "I'm afraid not, but there is a way to help it. If Akeno sucks some of the energy out of you then you should be back to normal. Akeno?"

You looked at her and she smiled.

Akeno "Sure, I don't mind for someone as cute as him."

Rias looked shocked and disturbed slightly, but shook it off and left with the others to start with the pool. Akeno stayed behind and helped you out with your problem. You sat up and looked at her.

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