Chapter 10

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I sighed swirling around with my office chair. it's been a really boring day, I must say.

I literally haven't done any work because Mr. Kings is not in work, and there was literally no paper work for me.

My office phone rang, I picked up the phone to answer it. "Yes-" the person cuts me off.

"...file 245." He said and the call died. Rude. But when did he get there though? I could swear he wasn't in his office 10mins ago.

I stood up and walked to the filling cabinet. After a minute of search I found it.

I got out of my office to Mr. Kings office. He sat on his chair, his eyes solely on the paper before him.

"Here's the file, sir." I gave it to him, I turned around to go back to my office.

My computer beeped, I looked at it. Oh thank god! At least, I've got something to do.

I looked at the time. 12pm. I sighed. My door opened, revealing Yvonne, I beamed.

"Oh thank god you came." I said and she giggled. She sat down in the chair opposite me.

"Did you get his call?" She asked, i raised an eyebrow. "Whose call?"

"Jake, he called for you." She replied. He did? I thought i won't work for him anymore since i got transfered from his department. Don't get me wrong, i have no complaint about him calling me. Something popped into me head, oh, his paper work of yesterday was with me. I grabbed my bag and searched for it, hoping i hadn't left it at home.

Luckily, it was there. "Can you watch here for me? I should go give this to him." I said and she nodded her head with a smile.

I walked out of the office, going straight to the elevator, i pressed the 4th floor button. Where Jake's office was.

I entered and the elevator stopped minutes later, i strolled out of it and went straight to Jake's office. As usual, he was on a paper work.

He looked up to see me, he smiled and i returned the smile. "I heard you were transfered." He said, i just nodded my head.

"Are you okay with your new position?" He asked, curiosity written on his face.

I wouldn't say i'm not okay with it, because it's a really nice position, not too much work to do, well maybe there might be more work next time. "It's okay, i guess." I replied and he raised an eyebrow.

Probably not satisfied with my answer. "It's okay." I said firmly this time with a smile.

I didn't want to bother him, he's done so much for me, complaining would make me feel like a whining bitch. Though I have no complaint.

"Ah, that's great." He replied.

"Yeah, I brought you the paper work from yesterday." I handed him the papers. "I really should be going now." I said.

"Yeah, I would talk to you later." He replied, I smiled and walked out of the office to my office.

After some minutes I reached my office. "S-she left to give Mr. Jake his paper work." I heard Yvonne say from inside my office.

Someone must be with her, I turned the doorknob, the door opened and I walked in to see Mr. Knight's back, Yvonne was in front of him, her eyes on the floor, her cheeks tainted pink.

He must have heard me opening the door because he turned to me. He glared. "Where were you, miss Tessa?" He asked.

I thought I heard Yvonne telling him where I was. I cleared my throat. "I went to Mr. Jake's office to give him his pap-" he cuts me off rudely.

"And is that your job?" He snapped.

"No, bu-" he cuts me off. Again.

"This should be the last time something like this happens again, if it does repeat itself, I would have no option than to fire you." He said, making me gulp. If he fires me...

"Yes sir." I replied and he walked out of the office. I sighed. What if he had fired me. "Are you okay?" I asked Yvonne who just nodded her head. She seems to be thinking of something.

Next Day.

It was 11am and just like yesterday it was boring though I've done some paper work so far.

My office phone rang. I took the phone, the person was silent at first but said something after a few seconds. "File f45." Came the husky voice of Mr. Kings.

I stood up from my sit to the cabinet and looked for the file, after two minutes of searching, i found the file.

I walked out of my office to go to Mr. Kings office, I opened his door slightly. As always he was focused on a paper.

Don't know what got into me, I stood there looking at him. More like admiring him. He looked so good, now that I'm thinking that, I think I've seen him somewhere before.

I didn't realise what I was doing until he said. "Take a picture, it lasts longer." It snapped me out of my trance.

I blinked, what the hell was I doing? Now he would think i'm interested in him or something. I opened the door widely before stepping in, I closed the door.

I walked to his table and handed him the file. Taking it, his hands touched mine, I flinched. I noticed he did too. I turned around and walked out, but I felt his eyes on me till I was out.

My heart was suddenly beating fast. Jesus. I laid my back on his door. My hands on my chest.

"Are you okay? What happened?" I heard the curious voice of Yvonne. I quickly straightened up.

"Of course, I'm okay." I said before going over to my office, she followed behind.

Third Person's POV

Yvonne looked curiously at her friend. She wanted to know what really happened.

After what happened yesterday, when Mr. Kings came to Tessa's office, she had a feeling he might have something for her.

The emotions on his eyes when she told him Tessa was at Jake's office... Jealousy. She knew it was jealousy.

She wondered what Tessa has that she doesn't. She was beginning to have spiteful thoughts against Tessa. But she still have to play her game right.

In order to get Austin Kings.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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