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Full name: Park Ji-minStage name: Min-MinNationality: Korean/AmericanPosition: Rapper/VocalBirthday: april 5, 1994Zodiac sign: AriesOfficial Height: 5'2Official weight: 120 lbsBlood type: AFace claim: IU

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Full name: Park Ji-min
Stage name: Min-Min
Nationality: Korean/American
Position: Rapper/Vocal
Birthday: april 5, 1994
Zodiac sign: Aries
Official Height: 5'2
Official weight: 120 lbs
Blood type: A
Face claim: IU

Min Facts

- 2 younger sisters, Hana and Mina

- favorite color is purple

-English name: Alyssa Park

- Born in Incheon, South Korea

- trained for 5 years

- "Claims" she is allergic to pickles and other vegetables

- is best friends with Jackson from Got7

-Best friends with Blackpinks Jennie and red velvets Irene

- loves writing FanFiction

- favorite number is 10 cause that's how many members there are

- closest with Dahyun and Chaeyoung cause theyre all rappers

- loves stuff animals

- scared of heights and dolls

- oh she is terrified of the ocean

-Loves watching stranger things because of her secret boyfriend who plays Steve Harrington.

-Is dating Joe Keery

-the oldest in the group but looks like the youngest

- would date Sana if she were a guy

Ideal boys: Joe keery, and the maknae line of BTS.

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