Chapter 14- "my hero"

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Warning: cursing, homophobic slurs, abusive people

I get back to my boyfriends house after I got something to eat. I really don't like my boyfriend. He's really abusive and rude. I also know he's cheating on me but I can't get away from him. Today I'm gonna try. "Hey" I say. "Hey babe, what took you so long?" He asks. "They took forever to bring out my food" I explain. "Okay" he responds. "I need to tell you something" I say sitting down next to him on the couch. "Yes?" "I don't think this will work out. I found out you were cheating on me. I'm breaking up with you" I say getting ready for a beating. "Oh, okay" he says. I was surprised by this. I go to the bathroom and do my business. The door slammed open. I turn and see my ex boyfriend. He slams me into a mirror. Glass shards go everywhere. He grabs a vase and slams it into my head. I get really dizzy. He puts his hand around my neck making me have a hard time breathing. He holds me there and I start turning purple. I can't breath at all. "L-let m-me g-g-go" I say trying to catch air. He pulls me up and slams me against the ground with glass shards. He grabs a peace of a shard and brings it to my arm. He cuts out words like f**, slut, ugly, and many more. I wail in pain. Tears pouring down my cheeks. He picks me up and throws me outside. I grab my phone and call Eben because he's my best friend. I tell him everything. I told him I was gay because he'd be confused about the boyfriend part. He was accepting and felt sorry for me.
End of flashback
Zach's POV
I was right... it my ex Charlie. I got so scared and tried running away. Eben stopped me. I guess Eben remembered that time and wanted to bring it back to life again. I was punched in the face. I run in the house. Charlie throws me against a mirror just like before. "This time I'm finishing" he says evilly. He grabs one of the shards and holds it close to my neck. He starts cutting my neck while I'm crying in pain. I'm about to die. Then there's a knock on the door. They grab me and throw me upstairs. I hear the door open and some yelling. "Where is he?" The voice was familiar. I hear steps coming closer to the room in in. They open the door and I see Jack. "Zach!" He comes rushing over to me. "Zach! Are you okay?" He asks worried. "I-I don't know" I respond. "Let me call 911" he makes the call and everything is blurry. "Jack.." I say and then everything goes black.

Jacks POV
I'm on the phone with 911. I hear Zach. "Jack..." He says. His eyes close. I brought Corbyn, Daniel, and Jonah, Yes Jonah, with me to help. They all come rushing upstairs. Corbyn goes up to him and checks his pulse. "He still has one but it's going slow" Daniel goes and grabs a towel and runs back upstairs. He gives it to Jonah and Jonah apples pressure to the wound that's bleeding. I hear the ambulance and police. The ambulance grab Zach and hook him up to a couple things and grab unconscious Eben and Charlie. I get into the ambulance with Sach and hold his hand. The boys are following behind in Jonah's car. We arrive at the hospital and Zach is rushed into surgery. I follow behind him but I'm stopped by the nurse. "Sorry sir, you can't come in for the surgery" a tear slipped down my cheek and the boys come and pull me into a group hug. I cry into Corbyns neck. He's like my older brother. He hugs me and pats my back. I go over and sit down in one of the chairs next to Jonah. "Did you know about this?" I ask him. "No, the only reason I bullied Zach was because Eben threatened me that he would hurt Zach even more. That's why I haven't been going to school. As an excuse not to bully Zach." He explains. "I'm really sorry." He says looking down. "It's okay Jonah" I say and I hug him. He's also crying, everyone is.
Time skip
It's been a few hours since they brought Zach in. I'm starting to get bored. My phones at 10% and the only thing entertaining me is the ads playing on the Tv. "Family of Zachary Herron" a lady says loudly so people can hear. I stand up and run over. "Name and relation?" she asks. "Jack Avery and boyfriend" "Zachary is in room 424" "Okay, Thanks" I rush over to the the room. I walk into the room and see Zach sleeping with an Iv in his arm and a couple other things. (I'm not good with all the medical things so just bare with me) i go up to him hand caress his cheek.  I pull a chair right next to his bed. I hold his hand and kiss it. "I love you so much Zach" I say. He opens his eyes. "I love you too, my hero" We giggle and I hug him and peck him on the lips. The doctors said he will have to stay in for a couple more days and then he will be able to go.

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