Fan Appreciation: A Letter to the Community

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My Dearest Wattpad Community,

Due to family and professional obligations, I'm no longer able to contribute to the Wattpad platform as I'd like, but I do receive the hundreds of notifications almost daily from those of you—the Wattpad community—who truly appreciate this guide. 

I didn't start out thinking this guide would be so well-received. I had only hoped that to be the case, and the reception has exceeded any expectations I might have had. So, I'd like to thank each of you who has stopped by, taken a peak, left a comment, taken part in exercises, or shared your writing experiences. I applaud each of you for wanting to hone your writing craft, for seeking help in the unlikeliest of places!

Though I'm not able to answer inquiries as I once did before, do know that I see you and hear you and wish each of you the very best in your writing endeavors! Again, thank you for being so engaged!

Yours truly,

Yours truly,

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