6 - You Will Pay, Shifaly

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The Narrator

In La Paz, the rain had ceased, and the classmates of Shifaly were enjoying themselves by the rooftop swimming pool, from which they could see the beautiful mountains around La Paz. The song 'Something Just Like This' by Coldplay was playing on the speakers.

After swimming for a while, Shifaly changed back to her usual clothing and walked with Avanthi Bandaranaike to her room. They had enough of swimming.

In Shifaly's room, Avanthi, being a girl, occupied herself with exploring Shifaly's cosmetics and possessions. As she was doing this, suddenly, her hand came across the passport. 

"Whose is this, Shifaly?" asked Avanthi.

"I don't know," Shifaly responded, "I found this on the day we arrived under the bed and ever since I've been looking at, but couldn't find the person it belongs to in the hotel. Seems like the person visited the United States many times. There's a lot of stamps.

Avanthi read the name of the passport holder, "Gallchobhair". She looked at his picture. "My aunt lives in the United States. Let me check if I can learn something about the owner from this passport," said Avanthi as she lifted the passport from the table and began flipping through its pages.

Before she could properly look into one of the pages, someone barged into the room. "How dare you, Idiot!" yelled a wet, angry Basura.

"Dude, get out of my room!" yelled Shifaly.

Basura lifted his index figure and warned, with a thick Singhalese accent, "You rascal, better be careful. You'll pay for pushing me into the pool; you'll pay you [explicit], [explicit],[explicit],[explicit]." Basura continued to curse Shifaly until every word in his extensive vocabulary of English and Singhalese cuss-words was exhausted.

His companion, Agash Swarnasinghe, warned him, "Someone is coming, let's leave, or we will be in trouble."

"Ayyy shut up, man," snapped Basura. "Let me show you what happens to those who dare to push me into the pool, " told Shifaly. Basura took out a bag of dog poo that he found in the trash can. Just as Shifaly opened her mouth, a bag of feces flew in the direction of her face.

Splash! Feces covered her face.

"Run!" screamed Basura as the boys made their escape to the lower lobby.

Shifaly tasted something sweet, then bitter, and then something ugly. She began vomiting because of the taste and smell of that enormous chunk of semi-solid and watery dog poo, which Basura threw onto her face.

Shifaly rushed to the bathroom and washed off the feces from her face and mouth with soap. She brushed her teeth numerous times to get those disgusting, scraps of dog poo, which were stuck between her teeth. Her brush's bristles began to turn brownish-gray. Avanthi helped her wash the poo from her clothes and face.

After five hours of cleaning, Avanthi and Shifaly managed to get rid of the dog poo and change into new clothes. As for the floor, the girls asked the cleaning staff to clean up the traces of dog poo.

Shifaly went to Mr. Seneviratne's room to complain about what Basura did. He was startled as soon as the duo entered his room. Just when he saw them, he began yelling, "Stupid girls? Can't leave me alone? Get out! Get out!" Mr. Seneviratne banged the door closed before Shifaly could start complaining against Basura Samarasinghe.

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