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So let's start for where I left u guys......

Avu opened the door and saw vibha aunty and two others with here.

"Ha avu beta. Did you like the house "

"Yes aunty" replied avu looking at the other two.

"Mummy ji who is this girl?" Asked the girl

"Ho I forgot to introduce u. This is avneet Reem's friend. And avu this is Abhishek my elder son and vaishnavi his friend.

sidneetlover you was right😅

"Hey..... av.."

" Avneet. It's Avneet Malhotra." With a huge smile.

"Ohhh Avneet . I'm Abhishek and you can call me Abhi or whatever you like."

"Can I call you bhaiya..?"

"Yaar sure you can . Waise my own brother don't call me that usually. He calls me Ironman"

"Have you finished introducing you mr Nigam." Said vaishnavi in a annoyed way.


"So can you please move aside so that I can speak."

"Oh yeas... You proceed madam"

"Thank you"

" Hi I'm vaishnavi. I'm his friend"

"Hi di..."

"Arrey there is no need to call di and all. I'm comfortable with vaishu."

" Then vaishu di😂"

Within minutes three of them become good friends.


How was the chapter.

I would have updated this two days before. But was not able as I caught a 'stupid fever'.

Anyways hope you like it. And I need some  ideas from you to proceed this interestingly. So ideas are invited to the inbox.

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