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Forty past nine in the morning.

We were inside his car, one kilometre away from the entrance of the town. I asked him to stop driving fifteen minutes ago to buy some time. I started to get anxious about him leaving again. I was leaning my head on his shoulder and was really feeling sad when he urged me to get out of the car. He opened the door for me, held my hand and took me in front of the car. He looked at me for a brief second without saying anything and I did the same thing until I couldn't anymore and looked away.

Ara's words started to fill my thoughts once more and I couldn't help but feel anger building up inside me. I was getting caught up with all the negative emotions when I felt his delicate fingers on my check as he made me face him.

He's got a soft expression on his face. I knew I was somehow making him worried and he confirmed it when he pulled me into a gentle hug, his arms giving me the most satisfying embrace.

"What's wrong?" I heard him ask.

I bit my lip. There was always something about his gentle tone that's making me more vulnerable. When I didn't answer, he hugged me a bit tighter. My hands remained on my sides until I couldn't help but hug him back.

"Nothing." I lied. "I just..." I paused as I suddenly felt like breaking down being inside his arms right now. "I just really don't like missing you that's all."

I heard him chuckle.

"Oh I like it when you miss me." He said.

I immediately leaned away from him and wondered about the formation of a playful smile on his lips.

"Are you pouting at me right now?" He asked, already teasing me obviously.

Oh my god. I was. I was pouting unconsciously and I was too frustrated to notice. I panicked a bit, I didn't know why but I guess I wasn't used to act this away around him yet. Or do I even act this way around someone at all? No, I guess not. Just him, he would always be an exception. Probably.

I suddenly straightened my posture and tilted my head down.

"No." I denied.

My cheeks heating, embarrassed at the absurdity of my own reasoning.

He laughed as he let go of me to lean against the hood of his car then extended an arm to reach for my hand. He urged me to stand in between his legs, wrapping his hands over my shoulders. I tilted my head right when he leaned his head against mine.

"I miss you already."

My heartbeat raced at his words. I closed my eyes, wanting and wishing he'd never have to leave. I wanted him to stay so bad, it's making me really sad.

"I can't imagine how much I'll miss you later when I drive home alone." He added, tugging at my heartstrings.

"I wish you could stay." I muttered, my heart winning over my rationality.

He sounded a bit surprised by my response, his arms loosened around me.

I took a deep breath as I broke myself free from his embrace. He didn't say anything but observed me when I turned to face him. There was an absolute look of regret on his face. So, I momentarily looked down trying to distract my emotions because I was pretty sure my tears were ready to make their presence known anytime from now. But then again, I was also aware that there was no use pretending in front of him. So, after a brief second, I leaned closer as I slid my hands inside his jacket and wound them around his waist, hugging him. I leaned my head against his chest and was instantly comforted by the beating of his heart.

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