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As the days started to pass, the members of Bhalla family started to live with new enthusiasm. The excitement of family members started to increase as the days of the arrival of little member started to near. With handling his crazy family and his wife tantrums Raman never realised how a month had passed and his beloved wife entered in her seventh month of pregnancy. To take care of her needs Raman decided to work from home where Aditya took responsibility of office in his father absence.

The family almost took the job which they felt easy going, so that Raman can handle hai pregnant wife which was hardest to do.


"Hmm kya khana hai tumhe? Icecream ya gulabjamun?" Raman half opened his left eye and looked at his wife who was staring at him with a cute pout on her lips.
(What do you wish to eat? Icecream or gulabjamun?)

"Kya Raman aapko aisa hi lagta hai ki mujhe bhook lagi hogi?" Ishita made face hearing her husband comment.
(Why do you feel like I want to eat something?)

"Roz toh tum aise hi demand karke uthati ho mujhe isliye maine poocha." Raman replied in obvious tone and yawned realsing his wife will not let him sleep now.
(Because you usually make demands in odd hours of the day.)

"Kuch bhi. Woh main keh rahi thi ki aaj na mujhe......" The way his wife stretched the last word longer then requirement grew suspicion in his mind. He quizzed his eyebrows and continued to observe his beloved pregnant wife who was still making animated face.
(Actually I want to have.... )

"Bolo bhi ab." Raman whispered calmly, continued to rub his sleep filled eyes.
(I'm listening.)

"Mujhe mangoes khaane hai." And his palm met with his forehead hearing her out of blue demand. It was almost end of monsoon and there was no way to find mangoes.
(I want to eat mangoes.)

"Jaan tumhe pata hai na is mosam mein mangoes nahi aate." He faked sweet smile at his wife who was looking at him with hopeful eyes.
(We can not find mangoes in end of monsoon.)

"But mujhe khaana hai na Raman." Ishita curled her lips making her husband sighted.
(I want to eat mangoes only.)

"Are par abhi kahan se aam aaenge Ishita. It's impossible baba."

"But aap hi toh kehte ho na ki tumhare Raman ke liye sab possible hai toh ab kya hua? Kahan gaya aapka pyar?" He rolled his eyes hearing the usual dramatic lines from her.
(But you always boasted saying nothing is impossible for you.)

"Jaan I love you and you know that. Please kuch aur kha lo, see I bought two boxes of black current for you."
(You know how much I love you, right. And I have kept boxes of black current in refrigerator for you.)

"Mujhe nahi khaana woh. I want mangoes and mangoes. Bas!!"

"Are mere baccho ki Maa, jab mango ke trees pe hi mangoes nahi hai toh tera pati kahan se laayega?" Raman tried to give reason seeing his wife doe shaped eyes which were filled with tears now.
(The mother or my kids!!! From where do I suppose to bring mangoes when there is no season of mangoes.)

"Please na mujhe kahan baby ko khaana hai." And Raman Bhalla gave up seeing the heart melting puppy dog face his wife made. He fetched his car keys and gestured his wife to follow him. After settling her on passenger seat they drove towards the 24*7 open Icecream parlour which he recently discovered. He covered her front with thin shawl and lead her inside and soon represented the different flavour of mango Icecream she carved.
(But baby wants to eat it.)

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