Chapter 8

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The dining room wasn't filled with so many vampires unlike the last time.

The female slaves were dressed in short red dresses with long socks and black shoes today. The male slaves were dressed in red button down shirts tucked in black pants and red bow ties.

I stood beside Cole with my head down. Cole told me not to look in any vampire's eyes.

Cole's food was different from the food they served others, I also noticed that Cole was treated with so much respect, even other vampires respected him.

I noticed that Chloe wasn't in the room, I hoped that all was well with her because it was starting to get weird that half of the vampires weren't present in the room.

After breakfast, we went back to Cole's room.

Cole busied himself with some documents and I just sat by the window, admiring the 'vampire world'.

I didn't know what they called it so I just called it 'vampire world'.

It was a beautiful sight, at least from my side of view.

There was a knock on the door. Cole turned to look at me and told me to sit on the wooden chair.

He opened the door and a tall and evil looking man came in, his eyes were burning with rage but he bowed his head in respect before speaking.

"Morning prince". The man said, his voice was deep and dark.

" Morning. What can I do for you?"

"I came here to confirm an incident that happened with my pet some days ago"

Cole nodded and then motioned towards the couch.

"Please sit". Cole said.

The man sat and stared at me before looking at Cole.

"So what's your pet's name?" Cole asked.

"Chloe Stanfield". He said.

Cole visibly tensed.

"For some days now, Chloe has being acting strange and she passed out when I drank from her yesterday". The man said.

I held my breath.

"I perceived your scent on her some days ago but she refused to tell me what really happened so I came to confirm myself". The man continued.

"And what do you want to confirm?" Cole asked between gritted teeth.

"D.. Did you d..d.. Drink from her?" The man asked, stuttering a little.

Cole eyes darkened.

"Yes I did". He answered, his voice dark and low.

"Ehmm.... You see, I don't like it when any other vampire drinks from my pet so please..." The man said but Cole cut him off.

"SHUT UP!" Cole yelled darkly.

Why would this have so much effect on him?

"Any other vampire?" Cole asked with a dark and deep chuckle.

"Were you ever taught manners?" He said and in one swift move, he had the man pinned to the wall.

I gasped.

"You had the audacity to come and ramble about me drinking from your pet without fear? You even think I'm any other vampire? Seriously?!??" He said as he continued choking the life out of the man.

His vain had also darkened. His fangs were out, his eyes were totally black...

I screamed.

He looked at me and left the man's neck and started walking towards me.

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