The Repercussions of Atlantis

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There's a theory to this disaster, a prophecy if you will. The all-mother ocean destroyed the men of Atlantis because of their greed. Is this crisis an attempt at revenge from the species of the land?

The all-mother ocean gives us a home, she allows us to breathe and nourish. When the king in the outer water punishes men with his fierce heat, mother's skins surface protects us. When the queen of sky fall thrones the black waves, mother obeys her commands and warns us of her changes.

The inhabitants of land have infiltrated mother's boundaries they have poisoned our homes. The health of our race deteriorates because of these man-made objects dispatched here. The greed of men has made mother a target, although she pleads to the king & queen for their mercy, she is unanswered.

The earths occupiers call it trash, this has become our home.

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 10/07/2019.

Kapav Garçon, Kapav ZacoWhere stories live. Discover now