Chapter 16

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This chapter may be triggering for some, as it mentions mental health problems (specifically anxiety). I have wrote all of this from personal experience, as I suffer from it (I understand that nobody is the same, this is just some of what I have experienced). Stay safe.

~Andy's POV~

"You'll never be as good as the others"

"You're just a fat waste of space"

"Nobody loves you"

"You'll die alone"

"Your not worth it"

"Your not good enough to be here"

The voices wouldn't shut up no matter how hard I tried to tell them to. All they did was get louder and louder.

Only moments before I had left the group, leaving my guitar and running away. Running from the voices that won't leave me alone, hoping that they would stay with them. But all they did was come with me. They didn't need to see me fight the demons.

My hands clutched my head, as if it would help me re-gain control of my mind. But I could still feel the demons pulling me. Pulling me into the void where they came from. They wouldn't stop.

The voices continued, constantly whispering poisonous words into my ears. Which placed deadly thoughts in my head. Making me want to scream and escape from my own body.

I clenched my jaw and bit my cheeks to stifle screams and sobs as hot salty tears streamed down my face, from my tightly closed eyes.

I clawed at my own skin as if I could escape that way. I heard myself let out a sob and more tears fell.

When the hand fell on my shoulder, I thought it was the demons. The demons had finally escaped my brain and were now physically attacking me.

Looking to the owner of the hand, I knew I was wrong.

He was crouched down next to me with his hand on my shoulder and a worried look on his face. My best friend. Sonny.

I broke down once more. No longer afraid to cry. He moved closer to me and held me in his arms. He didn't talk and I appreciated him for that.

Eventually I calmed myself down enough to talk and move again.

Sonny - "I'm not going to ask what's wrong, if you want to tell me then you can, but you don't have to. It is your choice."

Andy - " Thank you Sonny."

He stood up then offered me his hand. I took it and he pulled me so I was standing.

Andy - "I should apologise to the others"

Sonny nodded.

I made sure that I had no tears left on my cheeks and we both moved back to the group. They all looked towards us when we approached them.

Andy - "I'm so sorry about before guys, I just wasn't feeling well."

Jack - "We should go back to our rooms anyway, it's getting dark."

Everyone nodded in agreement and we moved towards the buildings.

Nobody else knew that the demons were following me still, whispering.

"They all hate you"

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