Part 3

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I am now 16 years old!!! A year has past when I reborned here and live as Eve Vangelia!

For the past year, I have been taking care of my body and diet. Working out ya know~~>~<

Trying out some boxing and taekwondo! Got a black belt in taekwondo! Yay! I'm now a skilled boxer. Yay!

I decided to stay as the stupid daughter. Lily freaked out when I told her.

She asked me why and I told her it would be easy cuz it would be weird if your stupid sister woke up one day and is suddenly cured and is now a smart and normal person!?

My family members except Lily, don't know my sudden change. No one!

When I met Riya, she was a spoiled bitch lotus. A fucked up one. She wanted me to do this and that, there, here!! Ugh, I had to use excuses!!

My face hurts because of putting on a fake smile on my face. I didn't get caught over the year and it seems I was doing pretty good.

I should have been an actress..!

After I woke up and was reborn, a few weeks, I had a tutor.

My tutor has been teaching me stuff and handing me homework.

After I handed him back my homework, he was shocked at how a stupid person could be so smart!! My tutor went to show my father and discuss with him.

I soon realized I got all 100 on them. My father was amused and said the tutor can leave his job and will pay the him a thousand dollars.

My father secretly considered me a genius although I was coo coo and this year, he assigned Riya, Lily and me to go to the same school together. Scarlet school.

Lily has to come because she is my maid and I have coo coo problems. Bleh!

Description Eve: Eve has long blonde(although the girl in my cover has a different color and length, I want to change it *peace*) hair that is all the way to her butt. She has red eyes and long eyelashes. She has perfect lips and a seductive jawline. She has toned abs, curves and slim legs.

Describe Riya: Riya has mid length red hair. She has blue eyes and long eyelashes. She has seductive lips. She is skinny and is a vegetarian. She has a beauty mark under her left eye.

Describe Lily: Lily has brown short hair. She has golden eyes and has short eyelashes. She has small lips and a cute tiny nose. She is skinny but with chubby cheeks which makes her cute.


I wake up at 6 AM and put on my school uniform.

After putting on my uniform and prettying up without makeup cuz after taking care of my skin, I'm a natural beauty

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After putting on my uniform and prettying up without makeup cuz after taking care of my skin, I'm a natural beauty. Haha. I go downstairs and see my father, in his suit.

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