Love You Goodbye

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Rule Number Fifty-Four: Never give up, and if it doesn't turn out try again.

The sun set over the waters edge, I wasn't sure what my family's obsession with eating outside was. But here we were again a table set for eight.

The eighth place setting always empty. I thought about Harry all last night. I was worried about him, he looked sickly. He left the house late last night and never came back. Apart of me wanted to chase him and bring him back but that wasn't my area anymore. Never was.

I was the first to arrive and so I sat down. My mother was soon behind battling Gigi as she went. The trip was nice but I was wanting to get back home. Tom would go home on a separate flight for business and I was grateful to have the moment by myself.

I purposely booked it away from my parents.

The table filled soon and we got to eating. It was silent from exhaustion. I noted the empty seat once again. I wasn't sure why he came on this trip. I didn't want to be cruel but he was so miserable here that it seemed torturous.

Shoes clicked on the ceramic tile, everyone looked over to see who it was, including me. Harry made his way over, a large brimmed black hat on his head, dark circled sunglasses covering his eyes. He looked well dressed as if he was on his way out.

His demeanor was another thing entirely. His shoulders were slouched and drawn inwards. Harry's skin was pale with a sheen of sweat and by the time he came to the table the smell of liquor lingered.

He was drunk and had been on a bender. After the engagement party debacle, Harry rarely got to the point of intoxication let alone bingeing. Which clearly showed that he was going through a hard time.

I couldn't handle this stress and it wasn't good for the baby.

Harry didn't address anyone as he slumped down in his chair. Surprisingly, he kept it together quite well and even ate some of what was served to him.

"Harry do you think it's appropriate to come to dinner like this? The least you could do is take off your hat and glasses" his father poked displeased with Harry as usual.

You could tell Harry heard him but didn't bother to do either of what was asked. He was being arrogant, drunk but not drunk to the point of being messy.

His father was clearly annoyed by his antics.

"Harry" his mother warned. Their patience was wearing thin. He clearly had been pushing their buttons this whole trip.

It was awkward to witness and at times of Harry being out of control they either babied him or blew smoke up his ass.

"Please stop!" he held up his hand once his plate had been taken away. A volcano was about to erupt and I wasn't sure I wanted to be here when it did.

"Harry you clearly are not in the right state of mind. Let me bring you upstairs" his mother's offered grabbing his arm. He quickly ripped it away as if she were made of fire.

"You should enjoy my presence" he sneered "It'll be the last time I come around. Even if you call and beg me to come back, I won't. You're suffocating me, always have!"

Harry's mother was taken a back by his words. If only someone could see the legendary Harry Styles have one of his famous mental breakdowns. Would his ugly side make it to the front page of a magazine as well?

I wanted Harry to be happy and free.

"Why must you constantly do this?" His father began again, this time raising from his chair. It was felt intrusive to watch this unfold.

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