Part 2

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Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!!!

I was pacing around the room, freaking out! I'm Eve Vangelia!! But didn't I die!? Why am I here?

So when I died, it was black and then I saw Eve's memories, and then saw Eve, I wake up in her body and—Wait.

I stop pacing around the room and looked at my hand.

Am I reborn?


I froze as I heard a beautiful sweet voice. I slowly turn around and there, I see a beautiful sweet girl in a white dress.

I knew right away it was Eve—well Eve's spirit. My body was frozen and I couldn't even make a noise. Everything was so quiet.

'Jane...Please fulfill my wish.' Her beautiful voice echoes. Seeing her in that white dress and pale skin hurts me.

"...You gave me this body. Another life. Tell me, what is your wish? That way, I don't have any regrets." I asked her, taking a step closer to her.

'My wish to the fullest.' She replied and played with her hair.

Live to the fullest? Why not revenge?

"I will do that. But, are you not going to get revenge on your sister and mother? They hurt you and mocked you? Aren't you going to fight back!!?" I asked her, clenching my hands into a fist.

She shook her head and smiled at me.

My teeth clenched together in frustration

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My teeth clenched together in frustration.

"Why? Why won't you do revenge?! You're just going to let them go and do whatever you want!? Are you stupid!!?" I shouted at the smiling spirit.

'Maybe I am. But, I forgive them. I mean, it's not like they wanted to be that way' she looks outside the window and the sun shined brighter than usual.

She takes out a big sigh and looks back at me with a big smile, teeth showing.

'It's time for me to go. Thank you, Jane Swan.' She bows a 90 degree and walks towards the window.

My frustration was gone as I saw her take each step towards the window.

"Don't worry! I'll...I'll do what you said!! I won't do revenge but if they cross the line, I will do it! But you don't have to worry!!" I shouted out to her.

She turns around and giggles. She smiles at me one last time and whispered.

'Thank you'

Then the sun or light shined brighter which made me shield myself from the light.

After a couple of seconds, I unshield myself and the room was normal. I heard footsteps close to the door and I sit on the bed quickly.

The door opens, revealing Lily with a grey trey filled with cookies and a cup of warm milk.

Sadness builds me up as I saw her with a bright smile. She sets the trey on the little table next to my bed and sits on the edge.

"My lady!! Here's what you asked for! The cookies is freshly baked and the warm milk is fresh! Please, try some!" She excitedly cheers.

I look at the cookies and the warm milk. All of these were supposed to be Eve's. It's such a shame that a beautiful person died. Even if she was stupid.

I look back at lily and smiled at her.

"Thank you lily. For everything you did so far. It must have been hard on you. I'm sorry." I said to her and she shakes her head and smiled.

"Don't apologize! I'm feeling great and so happy not that my lady is awake!" She said as she passes me the cookies and I took a bite out of it.

It was so delicious. Steam came out of the part where I bit into the cookie.

"What happen to me that made you cry out to me so much?" I asked, curiously as I remembered what happen this morning.

Suddenly, Lily's face turned angry and she clenched on her uniform that all maids wear.

"A week ago, you were playing outside until your sister, Riya came and dragged you to a pond. You were clueless ever since you were a kid and you always love her and have no hate towards her," she said. I cringed at the 'LOVE' part and shivered. Lily continues.

"Riya pushes you into the pond and leaves you there drowning. Riya hates you for some reason. We don't really know. Then I, came to look for you and saw you body floating in the pond and dragged you back, called the doctor. You were in a coma for a week, my lady." Lily finishes and she cracks her hands in anger, probably thinking about Riya.

"Grrrrr, I wanna beat her up." She confessed. I totally agree!!!! At least someone sided with me!!!

I patted her back and laughed nervously.

"But my lady, I've notice you are not the same anymore? Has god finally pitied you and cured you? Oh, lord. Thank you for giving your blessings!" She dramatically saids.

I laugh and pat her head gently, not wanting to mess her hair up.

"Maybe god has. Lily, let's live a good life!!" I encouraged happily.

Lily nods excitedly and laughs in happiness.

Then a question came in mind as I found the the pond accident story familiar.

"Um, Lily?" I asked. She answers with a smile.

"How old am I?" I asked her, nervously.

Lily was shook but she answered her anyway because her lady was in a coma for a week.

"My lady, you are 15 years old."

I gasp but I hid it with a cough.

"Oh yeah! I-i just remembered! Hah, silly me!" I tried to brighten up the room. Successful.

That means when Eve reaches 23 years old, she will be sentenced to life in jail for murder. So, in 8 years, I have to make a change and turn the tables around!

I smiled.

Bring it on.


Okay, I'm dead.

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