Part 1

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"My lady! My lady! Wake up please!"

A voice called out.

Damn, why does my right ear hurt? I tried to open my eyes and after a few attempts, my eyes open and I see a ceiling. A high ceiling.

I felt movement on my side and I looked over to see a tearful young lady. Probably at the age of 15-18?

She gasps as she sees my face and backs up to give me my personal space and wipes her tears.

Wait...this person...isn't she...Eve's maid? What's her name again? Wasn't it...Lily? What is she doing here? Most importantly, where the heck am I?!

I make an attempt to get up. Lily helps me get up and looks at me anxiously.

I gave her a weird look. Why she looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with my face?

"Why you looking at me like that?" I asked her, curious. She gasps and her hands travel to her face, full of shock. She kneels in front of me and grabs my hand, smiling in joy and tears forming into her eyes.

"MY LADY!!! YOU FINALLY SPEAK A SENTENCE!!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU—" I quickly put my hands over her mouth and pulled her close.

My lady? My lady!! What is she talking about!!?

She stops at what she's doing at looks at me, confused at my actions.

"What do you mean 'my lady'? Why am I here? What is this place?" I asked her as I try to get out of this Queen size bed.

Lily looks at me in daze and shock. She sits on my bed and looks at me, walking around the room before explaining to me. This place looks familiar. Like the ones in Eve's memories.

This must be Eve's room. But, where is she???

"My lady, You are the Youngest Daughter of the most successful businessman. Your mother is a beautiful retired actress. Your sister are scheming and bullies you!"

I listen to her as I look around the room. It was luxurious and spacious. Then I see something shiny and walked over to the object.

It was a mirror.

I gasps and I cover my face as I looked into the mirror, shocked.

"...You are Eve Vangelia." Lily finishes and frowns at why she is telling her everything.

There was a moment of silence. Lily walked over to my side as I touched my face and falls onto my side.

"My lady, what's wrong?" She asks. I turn around and broke a smile.

"Can you fetch me some warm milk and cookies? Oh and don't tell anyone!" I said and she nods and exits the room. Leaving me alone.

I turn back to look into the mirror.

Oh my this a dream?

I pinch myself and pain zapped me.

Ouch! Nope, god isn't playing with me. It's real.

I'm...Eve Vangelia....the stupid daughter....!!!"


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