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Brennens POV

I come downstairs to see Colby sitting on top of Colby then Sam say "get off me" Colby then reply's "shut up you called me fat" his smile turned in to a sad face "Colby get off Sam"I hear Colby say make ME" I tackle him on to the floor and then hold him down Colby then says "ow why'd you tackle me" "because you said make me" Colby says"get off me your hurting me" "oh I am"and push down on his arms then he screams "Bren STOp!" I get off Colby and stop pushing down on his arms I walk over to look what time it was I saw it was 6:00am I grabbed Colby and ran upstairs Sam came after us he walked in to my room I was getting back in my bed because it was 6:00am and it was Saturday Sam says "what are you doing" "going back to sleep as I but the cover on me I notice that I have dragged Colby with me and he is now on other side of the bed Colby says"that hurt Brennen" "I'm sorry not"
Colby says" rude haven't you bullied me enough" i think back in middle school when I used to mean to him I hate my self for doing that to him he didn't notice it was me until Now I think

Haha I proved all of you guys wrong I PoSTED today two thing it took a lot not to make a joke lol this chapter was serious 😂

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