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The day had started out nice enough. It was the Friday after Percy's birthday; the weather was nice, the sky mostly clear, and most of the campers were enjoying their day relaxing before many of them would go back home for the school year. Since many were just sitting around or talking, Will didn't think much of it when Nico didn't come to breakfast.

"He's probably sleeping in," he told everyone as they ate.

However, when everyone arrived for lunch at one in the afternoon, they starting thinking something was wrong. The nine concerned friends rushed over to the black obsidian cabin. The green flames were burning high, which meant a child of Hades was inside. Will walked up to the door with everyone else behind him before knocking.

"Nico, are you in there?"

"Go away!" A high-pitched but somehow familiar voice yelled. "I don't feel good today, so just leave me alone!"

The friends exchanged looks before Will gripped the door handle. "Sorry, but we're coming in!"

No one was quite prepared for what they saw. Lying curled up in a Mythomagic comforter was Nico di Angelo... sort of.

"Holy Hera!" Leo shouted as they took in the figure on the bed. "You're a chick, Nicolette!"

The child of Hades buried her head in her hands with a groan. She was wearing a plain black T-shirt and jeans with holes in the knees. Long hair got in her face, allowing her to hide the embarrassment written all over her face.

"Don't call me that!" She managed to yell before turning to look at them, her anger melting away. "Hey, everyone. I woke up like this and I just didn't want to let you see me in this... form."

"I can sense a spell on you," Lou Ellen said with a frown. "It's recent. Someone from the Hecate cabin must have cast it."

Nico nodded sadly. "I guessed as much, but which one of your siblings would do this to me?"

Annabeth sighed, walking over to the recently-turned female. "I feel like I know who orchestrated this. Drew's rhyming curse wore off last night, and there's no doubt she'd want to get back at you for what Will did."

"She probably used her charm speak to get one of the Hecate kids to do it to," Piper added.

Jason, Percy, and Leo shared a look with each other. Maybe they should have directed their threats about not hurting their figurative brother towards Drew, not the kind son of Apollo.

Not meeting Will's eyes, Nico swung herself out of bed before storming near the door with her sword in hand. "I'm going to drag that jealous excuse for a demigod to the Fields of Punishment faster than she blow her snotty little nose!"

"At least put shoes on first," Will said as he ran forward and put a hand on her shoulder.

She whipped around, her face filled with terror. "Please don't look at me while I'm like this, Will. Drew did this to me so you'd dump me... Besides my shoes are too big for me right now."

Will sighed, turning her around slowly before staring into the dark brown eyes he loved so much. "Nico, I don't care whether you're a girl or a boy. I love you for what's on the inside. It was Drew who just assumed I'm gay, but the truth is it wouldn't have mattered if you'd been a girl and not a boy. I fell for you because you're a strong, kind, caring hero. Just because you have a spell on you doesn't make me any less attracted to you."

Nico quirked an eyebrow, resting a hand on her hip while the other rested on the handle of her sword. "Really? You don't care that I'm stuck like this?"

He shook his head. "I'm your boyfriend no matter what, Death Girl."

That brought a chuckle out of her, a sound that resembled many tingling bells. Suddenly she caught Leo grinning at her. "What are you staring at, machine freak?"

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