Chapter One: It was an accident!

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“April I can’t do this.” I said, April was still trying to get my veil straight.

“Yeah, neither can I, God, I’m disgusted with this thing, why can’t you just wear jeans and marry Michael, after all it’s your wedding.” She almost shouted in my ear, I flinched and the veil fell off, again. I heard her shriek.

“Hey stop, look I meant that I can’t marry Michael.” I said hurriedly before she could try to put the veil back on and April laughed.

“The fuck you can’t, that guy is standing at the altar waiting for you, you just cannot say no now.” She reminded me and my panic increased ten-fold.

“April please I cannot just marry a man my dad threw at me and ordered me to date him for a weak and then arranging the wedding after a MONTH giving me ample opportunity to change my mind?” I shouted and April backed away.

“Dude whoa, calm down.” She said but my mind was having a field trip, I just had to get away from here … soon.

“April help me please, I really have to go.” I begged her, she slumped in a chair.

“Why do you wanna run away now?” She demanded, she would be angry with me now when she hears my answer.

“Because I don’t love him.” I mumbled.

“Oh boo, he’s cute, he’s sexy and by the looks of him he’s dynamite in bed too.” April said making irritating noises and winking at me.

“If you think he’s so good why don’t you go hop in one with him?” I demanded and she gave me the sweet smile I loved.

“Because I have Edward.” She said, right Edward. I opened my mouth to tell her to go to hell when someone banged on my door rather loudly.

“Caramel, it’s time to come out now, baby.” DAD! All my panic came back and hit me in the face. Shit …

“April.” I whispered.

“Yeah Danny she will be there in five minutes.” April shouted back, I heard dad’s chuckle. I was going to cry or faint or kill myself if I marry Michael.

“April, I’m outta here.” I said and her lips twitched.

“Atta girl, I never liked him anyway, he was too handsome for you.” She said and when I laughed, she went off to pack me some clothes, I stuffed all the cash I had in my bag and then April called me, she threw at me … keys?

“Those are my car keys, go run.” She said and I gulped.

“Are you sure?” I demanded for the last time.

“Hey, it’s up to you dude not me.” She said and then hugged me tightly.

“Aren’t you coming with me?” I asked her, shocked and she shook her head.

“Message me wherever you are and keep calling me, I’ll visit but I cant come with you, there’s your dad to see and then someone has to tell the party that the bride ran away.” Her eyes twinkled while I gasped, trust April to find something funny in this.

With her help I shrugged out of my dress and donned a jeans and a tank top. I looked at my now crushed wedding dress and tears filled my eyes.

“I love that dress.” I said on the verge of crying.

“Don’t worry I’ll iron it for your next wedding.” She said and I gave her a sour look.

“I hate you.” I vowed and her laughter grew.

“Yeah love you too.” She said with a quick hug, I jumped down from the window in my room in my backyard, caught my backpack, got in April’s Volvo and drove away.

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