1 Billion Per Cent

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y/n= your name
h/l= hair length
h/c= hair colour

You roll over and search blindly for your phone, grabbing it and turning your alarm off you slip out of bed and throw on your school uniform.

You walk downstairs to the kitchen to get breakfast and make lunch.

"y/n!!!" your sister screams "you look terrible you need to go fix your hair right now!!!".

You groan as you walk over to a mirror to find your h/l h/c hair is indeed sticking up at all angles, you try to flatten it out but it keeps returning to its original state.

"You wouldn't want Senku to see you like that would you~" she teases.

"Shut up neither of us feel that way about each other," you say way too defensively. She giggles as your face becomes slightly pink.

"Whatever you say y/n, anyways... HAPPY BIRTHDAY" she screams again, god where does she find all this energy so early in the morning. She pulls out a card from her backpack and gives it to you "read it out loud please~".

You sigh as you open the card that is way too pink and sparkly for your taste, your hands already getting covered in tiny little pink sparkles,

"happy birthday y/n here's some money you could maybe use it to go on a date with—" you don't finish what it says but your face is now bright red and your sister is on the floor in tears laughing, you sigh and head to the bathroom to fix your hair and get ready for the rest of the day.

*later that day*

"HEAR ME OUT SENKU!!!!" Taiju screams as he opens the door to the science room where he knew Senku would be "TODAY IVE DECIDED TO REVEAL THE FEELINGS I'VE HAD FOR FIVE YEARS TO YUZURIHA".

Everyone in the classroom looks surprised except for one boy who seems far too absorbed in his work to care.

"Oh, that's super interesting I'll be cheering for you until my vocal cords break, right here from this chemistry clubroom," Senku says sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"REALLY?!? THANK YOU SENKU!!" Taiju screams again.

Senku sighs "No not really, I think that it's completely illogical for you to have hidden your feelings for Yuzuriha for 5 years stupid".

"Hey! how is this any different from you hiding your feelings for y/n?" Taiju asks genuinely confused.

"Unlike you, big oaf I've been waiting this long to tell her because I've taken the time and calculated it. I've determined that today is the best day to ask her and that success is 1 billion per cent guaranteed" Senku smirks confidently.

"Huh? What makes asking her today any different from any other day?"
Taiju asks still completely lost.

"Do you not know what day it is you big oaf what kind of friend are you? It's y/n's birthday!" He pulls a white envelope out of his lab coat his terrifying smile that would frighten most (but you secretly have always liked) shining brightly "I've determined with 1 billion per cent certainty that the best way for me to confess to her is to write my feelings in a letter for her to open at home" that sinister smile somehow getting bigger.

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