The battle for Kuoh

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You walked up to the barrier, holding a sacred treasure. It was wrapped in red cloth, unless moved it's contents will not be seen. You walked up to the barrier and saw Sona.

Sona "Where have you been? They could use your help in their."

I know, I went to get my trump card. 

Sona "Which is?"

You'll see.

She opened up a small spot for you to get inside. You walked in and they closed the spot up behind you. You walked over to see Kiba, and the other souls who didn't make it out from the project standing next to him. You went over to Akeno and tapped on her shoulder, some pieces of clothing missing from her body. She turned around and you put a finger to your lips, telling her to hush. You walked back and gave her a hand motion to follow. She did as you asked and you walked over to a spot where you wouldn't be able to be seen.

Akeno, I need your help.

Akeno "With what?"

You opened up the cloth slightly to where she could only see the chains.

I need you to help put these chains on me, and give me a small bit of your power. 

Akeno "What for? What are these chains for?"

You tied the cloth around the parts you didn't want her to see and looked at her.

Look, do you want to win against this? Or do you want to die here?

She looked on at you with a shocked face.

This might be the only chance we have that'll at least give us a chance of making it out of here alive. I've been trying my best on my own, but no results work yet. 

You rolled up your sleeves and looked at her.

Please Akeno, if you do this then you and the others will have full support of my household and will be welcomed in with open arms. I'll even make each of you queen of my household and any future girls to enter the gremory peerage. Please, I need this from you.

She looked at you, shock on her face. She smiled with a small blush on her face as she grabbed the chains.

Akeno "I don't know what these are, but they better be worth it."

*Timeskip *

Nobody POV

Valper received a light spear through his back. His body faded away as Kokabiel floated down near the ground. 


Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked to see Y/n walking over to them.

Rias "Y/n! Where have you been!"

I've been preparing for this moment. 

Y/n walked right past Koneko, who noticed the chains on his arm. She wasn't the only one as everyone was staring at them.

Rias "What are those chains on your arms for?"

Their my trump card. After all this time I might be able to finally use them.

You walked until you were in front of Kokabiel.

Kokabiel "This is tiresome. Say, why not join me?"

He stopped in his tracks, a red cloth covering something that was attached to the chains. The handle was still visible, but to what was anyone's guess. 

Kokabiel "I'll make whatever you want come true. Money, power, women, anything you ask and I'll make it happen. My other student Xerxes accepted and has become quiet powerful. He's even stronger than the other devils houses."

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