Chapter 5 - Momoko's Fate

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-3 Days later from Momoko's Fall-

Momoko slowly opened her eyes and it took her a good 10 seconds to realize where she was.

She was in a random bedroom which she had no idea who's it was...she also realized that she should have been dead by now but somehow she managed to survive.

Momoko's thoughts were interrupted when a man in his 60's came in with some, clothes, food and water.

Momoko was scared as soon as she saw someone she didn't know come into the room.

The man smiled at her and put the clothes, food, and drink on the side table near Momoko.

"There is no need to be frightened, young one...I will not hurt you..."

Momoko was in too much shock to speak but when she knew that the man wasn't going to harm her in any way, her body started to relax and she slightly smiled at him.

The man smiled back at her and picked up the glass of water from the side table and offered it to Momoko...Momoko took the water from his hands and began to drink like she had never drunk before.

After she drank the water, she looked at the food and then back at the man without saying a word and was wondering if the food was for her as well.

The Man nodded his head up and down to say that the food was also hers to eat.

Momoko smiled at the man and ate the food, which again she had eaten as if she had never eaten before because she was so hungry.

After Momoko had eaten her food, she then looked at the man and after a few seconds, she hesitantly came out with the words 'Thank you...', this made the man smile and replied to her.

"So, you can talk, huh? You are extremely lucky to still be alive, you know?"

Momoko looked at the man and asked him how she had survived and why she was where she was now.

"How did I survive and how did I get here?" Momoko said confused but eager to know everything that happened to her.

The man let out a small laugh and then replied to her; "Please come into the living room whenever you are ready, I want you to meet my wife and then we can discuss what happened and why you're here."

Momoko nodded in agreement and then the man had disappeared out of the room.

A few minutes later, Momoko had got up from her bed and put on the fresh clothes the man had given her...she did, however, notice something missing from her and that was her 'lovers bracelet' which she and Angela had bought from the mall not so long ago.

She started looking around the room to see if she could try and find it, but unfortunately, she had no luck.

She decided that she would ask the man when she would have a conversation with him and his wife about what had happened.

It took Momoko about 15 minutes when she was finally ready and went into the living room where the man and the woman were there to greet her.

"Hello, young one, thank you for joining us and please take a seat...we will start off by telling our names...I'm Daizo and this is Chie..."

"Young girl, please tell us what your name is?" Chie said curiously.

Momoko looked at the older couple and smiled at them...she then hesitantly replied.

"My name's nice to meet you both..."

The older couple both smiled at Momoko and then they started to explain to her what had happened.

Daizo looked at Momoko and told her that they would explain why she was there and that she would also have to explain what happened to her before everything that had happened and Momoko had agreed to tell them.

Daizo and Chie were explaining to Momoko that they both live away from the city and villages and actually live in the forest mountains and that when Daizo was out fishing at the river bank to catch some fish for their meal that night when Daizo had spotted something floating on the was Momoko and so, he quickly grabbed her from the flowing river and rescued her.

Momoko's eyes began to swell up and were teary-eyed, she also thanked both Daizo and Chie for taking care of her.

Momoko then took a deep breath and after a few seconds, she began to tell her story of why she was in that situation in the first place.

Chie and Daizo were really gobsmacked and also had tears in their eyes from listening to her story.

Momoko didn't tell them why it happened, though, as she thought there was a chance that they would freak out...she did, however, tell them about Angela and how she was an amazing person in her life...she just didn't tell them that she was in a relationship with her.

Chie spoke and hugged Momoko after listening to her story; "Oh, you poor have been through so much..."

Daizo then spoke; " will always have a home here and you can stay as long as you like...however, I wouldn't go back just yet because it can still be dangerous to go back after the state you're in, why don't you stay here for a while?"

Momoko grinned happily at the couple and was very grateful to them and she agreed to it.

"Thank you so much! You've been so great to me and I would love to stay here for now!"

Daizo and Chie both smiled at each other and then smiled at Momoko.

There was something else that Momoko had just remembered and that was her 'lovers bracelet'.

"Umm...Daizo-san...Chie-san...I seem to have lost a very special bracelet...did you see it anywhere?"

Chie and Daizo again looked at each other with a bit of sadness to them.

Daizo then replied to Momoko; "I'm sorry, Momoko-chan...but we didn't see any bracelet at must have been important to Momoko-chan?"

Momoko also felt sad that she had lost something so precious to her.

"Yes, it is very important to me...and now it's gone..." Momoko said as she started crying.

Both Chie and Daizo had got much closer to Momoko and embraced her.

-Mejiro Police Station-

Chiharu, Angela, and Aina were all at the Police station as they had just heard about Momoko. They were all nervous and had eventually got called into the property room where they store the evidence and property in.

As soon as the girls were in the room, the police officer told them to take a seat and started showing them the evidence of why they think Momoko may be dead.

The officer brought out a see-through plastic bag with items of evidence in they went through all of the items, the officer had told the girls to see if they spotted anything that belonged to Momoko.

The girls were starting to lose hope but as the officer had shown them near the end of the items, there was an item which caught Angela's eye...this immediately gave Angela severe pain to her whole body.

Angela then broke down in a scream that lead to a flow of tears...Chiharu and Aina had also recognized this item and also broke down in tears...both Aina and Chiharu had tightly embraced Angela as in their minds, the fate of Angela's death was completely certain.

The item that was found was Momoko's 'lovers bracelet' with bloodstains on it...

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