Chapter 2: The Surprise - Retta

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Retta wasn't expecting the knock on her door. Though two similar knocks from earlier that day weren't entirely expected either, this third knock was completely unprecedented. However, Retta was sure that she knew exactly who was standing at her door, and looking up from her book confirmed her guess when she was brought eye to sheepish eye with her twin, Rashidi. Why he was here now, she could only guess.

Retta's eyebrows furrowed with confusion. "Are you here to check on me? Again?" She asked.

The sheepish look on Rashidi's face intensified, the muscles around his green eyes tightening.

'Well... that answers that then,' Retta thought.

Retta heaved a tired sigh and placed her book down on the bedside table. "Just... be quick about it. I was at a really interesting part of the story," she said as she adjusted herself to be lying down.

Rashidi silently walked over to her bed and pushed up the sleeves of his yellow robe, exposing the dark skin of his arms. Carefully he hovered his hands over her and they then began to glow with the familiar light of his magic, followed by the previously hidden and angular marks that covered his draconic horns and forehead. The marks of a drake type human mage.

The aura around Rashidi's hands then slowly flowed down to encompass her body, letting him see and understand everything about it, even through the nightgown she was wearing. Rashidi then closed his eyes and began to mumble softly, bobbing his head to the words. Retta could clearly hear him reciting the order of areas to check on. She smiled to herself, pleased and amused, and then closed her eyes so she could think as her brother's magic flowed and prodded around her.

Retta could tell that Rashidi was clearly worried about something. Rashidi had checked up on her too many times today alone for him not to be. But, nothing was different, as far as Retta could tell. She felt just as weak as the last few times she had been checked and she hadn't even suffered any sudden damage recently. The only thing that could possibly have changed were the runes that helped hold her frail human body together.
But... Rashidi wouldn't have changed them... Would he? While the countless healers who had seen to her hadn't done anything special or complex with the runes, they were the only thing stopping her from dying.

It didn't make sense but it was the only explanation Retta had. They were the only thing that could be different. Rashidi must have changed the runes. It wouldn't even have been all that difficult either. The process of redrawing the runes was so boring and routine that Rashidi could easily have changed them around without her noticing.
Sparks of fear, anger, and confusion filled Retta's mind and she so badly wanted to listen to the impulse they suggested, to open her mouth and spit accusations at her brother. But, that wouldn't help. He would only grow distressed and refuse to speak, so she waited patiently for her opportunity to ask.

When at last the mumbling and the prodding stopped, Retta opened her eyes and this time was brought the sight of her brother's face covered in an expression of the purest relief. There was only one thing that could explain that. So Retta opened her mouth and asked:

"Did you change the runes?"

Rashidi's eyes widened in shock and he let out a quiet gasp.

'Got you!' Retta thought with vindictive glee. Quickly, she followed up with another question: "Why did you change them?"

Rashidi's eyes darted nervously a bit before he gave his answer.

"I, uh... I've been experimenting," he said quietly, fiddling with the cuff of his now unrolled sleeve. "I decided that if I was gonna be your m-medic then I should probably do my job and actually, uh, you know... help? It was supposed to be a surprise..."

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