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The Earth has music for those wholisten

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The Earth has music for those who

~William Shakespeare~

~William Shakespeare~

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Autumn woke up the next morning with messy hair, puffy eyes, and her dogs sitting on her legs. She yawned and waved at them, jerking her legs slightly so they moved away from her and she could get up to feed them.

Once they were wall situated on the floor, she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth, not in as much as a rush as she should be. She had work today, which she was a little happy for. She hasn't been away from her land all weekend, which she was sure wasn't healthy. Then again, some days she wouldn't even leave her house, so it was something.

As she spit the minty toothpaste out, she glanced at her appearance and cringed. She quickly rinsed her toothbrush of, placing it back in the used to be white plastic cup. Now, it was pink, orange, and yellow with sunflowers painted on it. She grabbed her hairbrush and ran it through her wavy mess of red hair, yanking and tugging at the knots.

Once it was wavy and tangle free, she brushed it up into a high ponytail, wrapping a black hairtie around it. She splashed some water on her face and washed it before going to finally feed her dogs.

But first, she had to get past Titan, who was blocking the door with Lilah by fighting with her. Meanwhile, Magenta was being chill and watching her brother and sister fight over who knows what. She was sitting under the window, listening to the rain. Autumn whistled and pat her thigh loudly, getting all three dogs attention.

She knelt down and all three of them came over, licking her and rubbing their backs and sides against her small hands.

“Food? You guys hungry?”, she questioned, knowing they couldn't respond.

But, they all scrambled their way into the kitchen and she followed, using her telekinesis to pour food into their bowls as she began making a bowl of cereal for herself. She made the bag of dog food go into the pantry and she closed the door. She sat on a barstool and ate, thinking about everything and nothing.

Once she finished her cereal, she placed the bowl in the sink and went to get dressed. She opened her closet and got a pair of skinny jeans, which were darkwash and had rips in the knees. She put on a pair of black rain boots and a black camisole as well. She grabbed her black leather jacket andand car keys, leaving the house after she filled up her dogs water bowls.

She got into her white Chevy Impala and drove to the human town. She listened to a song called 'I Love You' by a singer named Billie Eilish. She hummed along to the song and pulled up to a small cafe. She quickly parked and ran inside, her hair getting slightly wet. She went to the back and pulled her apron and a spare long sleeve white sweater on.

“Finally you show up”, her coworker, Penny, whispered as she walked by.

Penny was a good friend of hers, since they've been working together for a few months now. Autumn simply giggles and throws her friend a wink before going to a register and waiting for the next costumer to order.

“Hi! Can I get a large vanilla mocha with whipped cream and a chocolate muffin”, a small girl with curly black hair and brown eyes ordered, and Autumn smiled and put the order on the tablet in front of her.

“That will be $4.67 . What's your name?”, she questions, taking the five dollar bill the girl handed her.

“My name is Lana”, Lana smiled at Autumn, and Autumn wrote the name down.

“Alright. I'll call you up when your drink is ready”, Autumn says politely, and Lana nods and goes and sits by a window.

That's how her day went, until around three pm. She sighed happily and places her apron back, grabbing her jacket and taking the sweater off. She went out to her car but froze, standing in the light drizzle. She lifted her head up and sighed, letting the drops hit her face.

She stood like that for a few seconds before getting in her car and driving home, suddenly feeling the need to shift. She knew she shouldn't but her wolf was becoming really restless. She drove to a gas station first, going inside and grabbing a few snacks.

As she was choosing between orange and strawberry flavored gum, she felt a very strong and dominating presence arrive. Astraea suddenly started barking, but also whining at the pressure of the power. Autumn's body went rigid as she quickly grabbed the orange kind and paid for her gas, the gum, the chips she got, and her cookies.

As she was walking to her car, she caught a scent. The scent was so intoxicating that she was sniffing for it while she pumped gas. It was minty, and woodsy, masculine and smelled like dryer sheets. She didn't look up from the ground as she hurriedly got in her car and sped off back home.
Cristiano was riding from the airport to a human town. He was sitting in the back seat of the all black Range Rover when the driver noted that they had to stop and refill the gas. So, Cristiano used the times to get out and stretch. He also realized that he was quite hungry.

Against his better judgement, he went in the game station anyway. That's when he picked up a delicious aroma. It smelled like vanilla coffee, green apples, and flowers. He saw some bright red hair leaving the store and he followed her, after paying for his snacks.

The red head that was the cause of the scent was getting into the car and began driving off, away from the human town. He jumped into the car and demanded that the driver follow the white car. The poor driver rushed to get the gas in and also leapt into the car, speeding after the white one.

The only word that registered in his mind was... Mate.

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