War Declaration

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You had gone a different way from Issei and his group. You climbed up on top of the tallest building you could find and looked around, The wind blowing against your hoodie.

Hmm, nothing so far. No sign of freed, nor anything else that stands out at this time of night.

You heard your phone start ringing, an anime opening being as how you loved the stuff. You reached into your pocket and pulled it out, seeing Koneko's number calling you. You picked up and answered.


Koenko "We've found freed. Kiba's fighting him right now."

Tell Issei remember the symbol and I'll be there in a second.

You hung up and waited. Five seconds later you felt a summoning and went straight to it. You were enveloped in blackness before emerging next to Issei.

Sup Issei.

Issei "Hey man, how many times does this symbol allow me to summon you?"

Well, seeing as how I got my own house it makes you a part of it. meaning, you'll have it for as long as your alive. But enough about that for now, let's focus on the task at hand.

Issei smiled as a determined look was plastered on his face. 

Issei "Right."

You heard sword birth become activated before you looked and saw Freed with a blue line on his foot. You followed the line and saw at the other end of it was Saji.

Oh, hey Saji.

he looked at you.

Saji "Hey, kinda busy here."

Freed was trying to fight off the swords as best as possible that was caving in on him from both sides.

"Sword birth huh?"

Kiba looked up.

Kiba "Who's there?"

You looked as a man wearing churches clothing came out of the building.

??? "A sacred gear that can exhibit invincible power based on the users ability."

He stopped and looked up at freed through his foggy glasses. 

??? "Oh freed, looks like your use of holy swords could still use some brushing up couldn't it?"

Freed looked at the man.

Freed "Hey, it's old man Valper."

You quickly pulled out your axe and got ready to attack at a moments notice. Valper was famous for committing experiments that were so inhuman he was expelled from the church when he was finally discovered. 


He turned around and looked at Kiba.

Valper "The one and only."

Freed "One and only what old man! Hurry up and get this lizard tongue off of me!"

Valper "You need to pour all your energy into the sword."

Freed "Oh, is that all that it takes?"

He poured his energy into the sword and it began to glow a bright yellow. He kept on pouring it in until he had poured so much energy into it the area around him became infused with holy magic. He cut the rope holding him and Saji fell on his back. Freed charged towards Kiba and when Kiba went to block it, he was met with a clash of Xenovia's weapon and freed sword. You smiled to yourself.

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