It's really you

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Billie's P.O.V:

Que: "Hello?"

Ohmygod. His voice.

I know it's his, but it's different. Still soft.. but deeper. Angrier. Sadder.

Que: "Hello??"

What do I say? Should I even be doing this? Talking to him?

I can't keep him waiting though.

"... hi."

There's just a silence. My breathing gets heavier though. This is hard. Really hard. Facing him again.

Que: ".. is it.. is it you?"

You? Does he know? Does he recognise me? Remember my voice?

Que: "Billie?"

He does.. he really does. I've missed the way he says my name. I used to hate it. But now, I really dig it. Billie.


My voice starts to crack. I just keep getting flashbacks. Of us. Of him. Happy. Laughing. Smiling.

Que: "I- I miss you.."

He misses me. But not as much as I miss him. Definitely not.

I'm slow Ik but can yall drop some ideas in the comments? I would love to include stuff u would find interesting to read. Thx.

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