Why me pt2

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Katie's Pov
That was the start of our relationship. In the time we had we did everything we could.

Flashback your POV

Today would've been any normal day except it wasn't because I was going to propose. Yes I know it's to soon but I really do love her.

We had been at the beach for the past week because we just wanted to get away. Not a lot of people knew about this beach so there were only so many people there. We also got a beach house really close to the beach. It was a really nice place.

We were watching the sun go down and Katie had left to go get her jacket from the beach house. As soon as she left someone came up to me and sat down.

"Hiii" the girl said. "Hello". This girl is definitely drunk she smells like alcohol and she keeps swaying back and forth. "You sssshouldd kiss mes". "No thanks you need to leave I need to get ready to do something".

I got up and tried to help her up but as soon as held out my hand for her to help her up she pulled me down and kissed me. I tried to escape but she wrapped her arms around my neck and would let go. But finally I got free. When I looked up I saw Katie standing there with tears coming down her face. I tried to go over to her but she ran back to the house.

"Now look at what you've done get away from me right now because if she breaks up with me I'm going to find you and you won't like what happens" I said turning to the girl that was still sitting there. Without another word she left. As soon as she did I cleaned up the stuff that was there and went back to the house.

When I entered the house it was silent. I couldn't find her. Then I checked in the bathroom and she was on the floor crying. I sat down next to her and she moved away slightly but I pulled her back.

"What you saw wasn't what happened". "Oh really because what I saw was some idiot shoving her tongue down your throat". "Woah I never let her tongue go in my mouth she wasn't even supposed to kiss me she was drunk and sat down once you moved she told me to kiss her and I told her no I tried to get her to move but when I got up to help her up she pulled me down and kissed me and I couldn't get out of it because she wrapped her arms around my neck really tight". "Really because it looked like you were enjoying it". "Well I wasn't the only person I want to kiss is you and I'll prove it to you I need to go back out to where we were so I can do something I'll be out there in a minute". "Why should I". "Just do it please". "Fine".

When she went out I went back to our room so I could grab the actual box because it would be obvious if I was carrying the box in my pants pocket all the time. But once I got it I went back outside to where she was.

"I need you to not talk until I am done talking ok". "Ok".

"So I know it's only been a year but it's been the best year of my life. I love every moment we have together. I know I told you not to get attached I told myself that to but I can't help it. Your the reason I'm happy all of the time and who I look forward to seeing. I can't even imagine anything with anyone else. Your perfect to me. I love when I wake up in the morning and your there. You look so cute when your asleep. It's also adorable that you get jealous over me. And I just love you so much. So will you marry me" I said with tears about to fall. "I....I". "It's ok if you say no I know it's really soon but I want to do everything I ever wanted to do Incase I don't get a new heart or I get a new heart and it failed. And one of the things I want to do is spend whatever time I have left with you and that doesn't mean we have to get married but..."I got cut off by her saying "Yes I'll marry you stop worrying I was just cut off guard". "Really". "Yes really". And then she kissed me.
End of flashback

Katie's Pov
I can't stop thinking about all the good times we had. Even when we argued I still loved her and thought about those times too. Mainly because she looked hot when she was mad so I focused on that and not the argument.

It's been three months and five days since Y/n has passed away. It hurts so much. She finally got a new heart. She was fine for a few days until the heart failed. I know she wants me to be happy but I can't when she's not with me. It turns out she left everything to me. She had a video for me to watch. I play it all the time just to hear her voice. So as usual I sat down and played the video.

Hey. So if you see this then I have passed away. And I just want to say I'm sorry Katie. I didn't mean for this to happen. I shouldn't have let you fall for me I should've just kept my distance. But I couldn't have kept my distance when you just look so perfect. Listen I don't want you to shut down and lock everyone out. You need to let your friends in and help because I know you won't do it just do it for me please. I want you to go out there and find somebody that will treat like I did or even better. I know we're married now you don't know how happy I am to call you my wife. And now I've left you to be a widow. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything I've put you through. And please don't go to my funeral you don't even have to have one. I want my final thought to be that you were happy. And I hope you were. I love you so much I can't even put it in words. So I've left you everything. As you can see if you have this. Just remember I love you and I'll se you again I'm always watching over you I'll be by your side ok. Your never alone. So I guess that it bye baby I love you.

Every time I play it I cry. I know she wants me to be happy but I can't not when she's not here. I do as she says I don't shut my friends out. But I can't find someone else to love I just can't. I get through everyday barely. I always cry myself to sleep at night. The only thing that keeps me moving forward is that fact that I will see her again one day

A/n sorry this one was sad. I don't know what the next one is going to be. It make take me a while to come up with and idea so sorry in advance if you have ideas please tell me. Ok bye.

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