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Please appreciate the puns they took effort :)


"So are you telling me, Nico, that during the quest you found solace in Will Solace?"

"I suppose."

"And Will, are you telling me you fell for an angel, you know, since his last name is di Angelo?"

"I guess."

Leo was smirking as the entire Hades table was trying not to laugh. Somehow, despite all of the terrible jokes he was making neither Nico nor Will let them get to them. It had been only one day into their newfound relationship, and Leo was having fun cracking jokes. "Did you two know if you combine your last names to make the couple name Solangelo and that it means sun angel?"

"No, I didn't," Nico said in monotone. He was getting tired of the son of Hephaestus.

Will, on the other hand, was smiling like a madman. "That's so awesome!"

Suddenly two campers joined Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Calypso, Jason, Piper, Nico, and Will at the table.

"Hey guys," Lou Ellen greeted cheerily as she sat down next to Will. Cecil sat across from her, looking a bit sad that there was no room to sit next to the daughter of Hecate. "Everyone is going to the campfire tonight, right?"

They all answered positively. No demigod in their right mind was going to miss free s'mores.

"Oh, that reminds me!" Cecil said as a smirk enveloped his face. "A lot of you were wondering what happened during the quest, right?"

Jason seemed confused. "Nico already told us everything this morning."

"So he told you about our battle with Pasiphaë then?"

"He said Will got burned, he got imprisoned in a jar, and that Lou Ellen put her to sleep while you guys escaped. Why?"

Cecil turned to Nico, his eyes glinting mischievously. Despite Nico's glare, the son of Hermes started telling his friends about needing more time to break free of the chains they'd been bound in. He told them about Nico being attacked by bunnies, rained on by teddy bear stuffed animals, and finally being forced to hug a fake Will against his, well, will. By the time he was done Nico had let his head hit the table, Will rubbing his back in sympathy.

"You got bitten by a baby bunny?" Leo stifled a laugh.

Nico groaned. "Animals don't like me, okay? I smell like death to them."

"Well you smell lovely to me, Death Boy." Will said as he ruffled his boyfriend's hair.

"Whatever, Sunshine."

"Hey, Nico," Lou Ellen said with a smile. The son of Hades looked up to see a fluffy white baby bunny on the table in front of him, sniffing the innocently. Everyone at the table held their breath as Nico closed his eyes, opening them a second later before turning to Will.

"Will," he said almost sweetly as he smiled at him. "Would you mind leaving for like five minutes? I'm going to summon some skeletons to carry just about everyone here into the lake where they will be drowned, and I don't want you trying to stop me."

Will laughed, but stopped when he realized Nico was staring at him seriously.

"Uh, I don't think I should condone such behavior..."

"Boyfriend's orders."

The son of Apollo sighed as he stood up. "Fine. I'll meet you in your cabin with my laptop and my brother's copy of How to Train Your Dragon when you're done committing mass homicide."

"Okay," Nico grinned as the ground around him split open and skeletons started pouring out. "See you soon!"

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