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Ok so this chapter is shorter than the others but it isn't really from someone's perspective. It's kind of like someone watching all of them and knowing all their thoughts. But this chapter does have an actual title!!


The sun was setting as Nico and his friends finished eating. Dinner had been awesome as always, but having the entire camp toasting to the questers that had just returned an hour before made it even better. All throughout dinner looks were being thrown at Will and Nico as if people were waiting for something. Word had gotten out (thanks to Lou Ellen and Cecil) that they weren't dating and the kiss on the lake had been spontaneous, so many of the campers waited with bated breath for them to become official.

All except for one daughter of Aphrodite.

"Alright, campers! The campfire will begin in half an hour at the amphitheater. I hope to see you all there," Chiron announced before returning to the Big House.

The five of the Seven, Calypso, Will, Nico, Lou Ellen, and Cecil rose from the Hades table together, wanting to head to the amphitheater as a group. Before they could even left the dining area, however, an Asian girl with an annoyed look on her face blocked their path.

"Did you think you could hurt me and get away with it?" She demanded, glaring at the son of Apollo.

Piper looked between the two before sighing. "Drew, what are you doing here? Leave Will alone. He doesn't need to deal with your habit of drawing boys close before breaking their hearts."

Drew curled her lip at her cabin leader. "Oh I know I can't make him fall in love with me. After all, he's gay!" She spun around to face Will, sticking a perfectly manicured nail in his face. "You lead me on! I can't believe you let someone as pretty as me get their heart broken."

Will was hopelessly confused. "I don't understand. I've never even talked to you before today, so what do you—"

"And you were so perfect too!" She cut him off with her whining. "Being so handsome, sweet, caring, and funny I have no idea why you're interested in him." Her anger landed on the son of Hades. "He's a puny, pasty, reeking of death fashion disaster who spends half his time with ghosts in the Underworld."

"Drew," Piper hissed as she started forward but felt herself held back by Jason and Annabeth. Beside them Nico was simply staring at the ground mutely, thinking about what the Asian girl was saying about him. Was he really not good enough for Will? Will seemed to like him back... Was he imagining things?

The goddess of love's jealous daughter did not stop there. "I mean, for all he knew you might not have been gay and he just kissed you full on in front of the entire camp. He must be pressuring you into thinking you're infatuated with him, isn't he? Along the quest he probably let his shadows and darkness corrupt you bright, innocent, straight soul. His daddy probably helped him too!"

"That's enough." Will said quietly.

"What did you say, hon?"

Will got in her face, his fists bunched at his sides. "I said that's enough! Drew, you can insult me all you want but I will not let you insult my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Nico looked up in confusion before pointing to himself. "Me?"

Wrapping an arm around him, Will smiled down at the dark-haired teenager. "Of course, Death Boy! I'd never dream of dating anyone else. I actually assumed we were going out after you kissed me, but since you're confused..."

"No! I mean, I want to be your boyfriend. I want us to be dating as boyfriend and boyfriend," he stuttered, trying to remain cool under his shock. It wasn't working from the laughing coming from his friends behind him. "Ugh, I'm not good at this kind of stuff! I'm sorry."

"You're fine, Nico. You'll get used to it." Will assured before slipping his hand into Nico's. The pale boy gripped the hand tightly, a smile sliding onto his face.

Meanwhile, Drew was fuming.

"You guys are disgusting!" She screeched, about to say something else when Will started chanting something under his breath. The daughter of Aphrodite's eyes widened as she realized what he had done too late.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, Will if you cursed me I'm going to kill you!"

Everyone laughed as the son of Apollo merely grinned at her, walking around Drew as if she were nobody. Nico allowed Will to lead him to the campfire, ignoring his gossiping friends behind them as they kept stealing glances at one another.

"Thank you for sticking up for me," Nico said sincerely. "How long is she going to be stuck rhyming?"

Will thought for a moment. "A week at the most, although I feel like she deserves more for the rude things she said to you. You should put a skeleton in her closet to freak her out."

"That can definitely be arranged."

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