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In last update before going harsh teased Shivaay

Shivaay blushed more hearing him

Harsh and Anika left

Anika came and  entered their mansion with her father.

Harsh placed his hand on her shoulder

"I know Anika you will miss everyone and if you want you can live there", told harsh

Anika hugged him

"No , I am Papa's princess and want to spend time with him", told Anika

Harsh and Anika talked a lot . In between Shivaay called her but Anika's phone was silent so she didn't noticed

Here Shivaay was restless because harsh also didn't picked up phone

"Is she fine or not", he thought and walked here and there in his room

He remembered their moments and their cute fights

Flashback start

S- Anika eat this . It's healthy for you

"No give this to cows and goats . It will suit them . I am not going to eat this grass", said Anika making faces

Shivaay holded her hand and pulled her

"Will you eat or not" , he asked

"No ", said Anika and pushed him

She ran but in between she stumbled and took hold of table to balance herself

Shivaay became frightened and came towards her running

"Are you mad can't you see. Hmmm what if something happened to you", he shouted angirly

"Sor..", Anika was cutted in between

"Don't you dare to ask sorry miss. It's enough now. You show tantrums everywhere but can't take care of yourself", shouted Shivaay and picked her up.

His eyes were filled with tears.

"Do you want to break your feet totally", asked Shivaay Angirly

Anika shooked her head . She was also crying but not because of pain .
She was crying because of his scolding

Shivaay noticed her tears and wiped them but without making eye contact

"Don't cry. Is it paining anywhere", he asked

Anika pulled his and and pointed towards her heart

"Yes here", she told and left his hand

He caressed her cheeks and smiled

"I was scared Anika that's why I shouted. I don't want to see you in pain", said Shivaay politely

Anika smiled lightly

"My intention was not to hurt you Anika. I can never anyways you have to take care of yourself and now you have to eat this", said Shivaay showing her vegetable dish and medicines

Anika knows that he will not listen her now so she ate politely

Flashback end

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