Chapter 13- "suprise"

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Jacks POV
Zach's acting really weird. Ever since the middle of 2nd period he has been. I'm not sure what's wrong but I'm gonna find out. During lunch I tell Zach that I had to go to the bathroom. Instead I went to his locker. He told me his code because we have a group project and he has some of the materials in there. I get in his locker and see the small slightly discolored paint patches that cover up the words we scratched in when we bullied him. I hate myself for that. I go through his binder and find a paper folded neatly in his pencil pouch. I unfold the note and read it. Poor Zach. It's a letter from Eben saying not to tell anyone that he's going to meet tomorrow him after school for a "surprise". I plan to be there as well.
Time skip to tomorrow morning
Zach's POV
As soon as I wake up I have this nervous feeling in my stomach. I have no idea what the "surprise" is, all I know is it needs time to get here. I come downstairs from my bedroom and see my mom. "Good morning" my mom says. I don't respond, I just wave. "What's wrong?" My mom asks. "Nothing, I just have a small headache." I say. Partly true. "Let's give you some medicine" she says. I take the medicine with a sip of water and skip breakfast. I go upstairs and get dressed in a black hoodie, black pants, and black and white old skool vans. The outfit represents my mood today. I also wore black because I know after school blood will be involved after school so if I get blood on me it won't show. I get out the door and get a text from Jack.
Can you pick me up today?
Yeah, I'm on my way
Thanks love❤️😘
I go to Jacks house and pick him up. We talk for a while about music and that get out of the car when we arrive at school. We join up with our group of friends. Christina tells us that she's moving back to New York. It sucks but we have facetime. She tells us she leaves Friday. Corbyns crying and Christina has a couple tears rolling down her cheeks. We all group hug. "Let's make this the best weekend ever then" I say. They all agreed. "Let's meet up after school at my house" Daniel says. "I can't sorry" I say. I have to meet Eben instead. "Me neither" Jack says. I look at him confused and he just looks away. I wonder what that's about. I make my way through every period. And then go to my locker and grab my stuff. My stomach feels like it's flipping. I get into my car and start to drive to Ebens house. I get out the car leaving all my stuff in there and lock it. I knock on the door and Eben opens it. "Oh, you arrived" he says. "Yeah" I say looking down at my feet. "The surprise will be here in a minuet" he tells me. "Okay" I walk inside and sit on the couch I watch the tv until I hear the doorbell ring. "Come here Zach"Eben says. I walk to the door and see a human size box on the front porch. We walk outside and Eben puts a black blindfold over my eyes. "Come out" Eben says. "Hello Zach" I know that voice from anywhere. A tear drips down from my eye but the blindfold soaks it up. Eben removes my blindfold. I was right...

Sorry about the cliffhanger. Who do you guys think it is? Next chapter will be longer than usual. Thanks for reading. 💟

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