Kristina Or Warriors Reality Part 1

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In this story, it is based on my character Kristina Franco. She lives in these two worlds one fantasy and one real. Her name in this other world is Warrior Uchiha. In this other world, it is filled with her favorite tv characters or book characters. In this world, she has been tortured by her now-dead father by her brother Itachi Uchiha. Warrior is a human with unhuman like powers. Kristina, on the other hand, is just a normal girl in a normal world who sometimes gets picked on for who she is.

Chapter 1: School?

People may think there is only one world but me, I not think I know there are two worlds. Now that you know this like every great story it has to start. Before though let me explain this in the normal world or non-magical world my name is Kristina Elaine Franco. In the magical world, my name is Warrior Juliet Uchiha. I don't really like saying much as I don't know how people would take it as Kristina but the Warrior side of me speaks up. You will learn more about magical me later in the story right now is normal me and my normal daily life.

"Kristina, are you ready for school?" asked my mother. Emily Franco is her name and selling houses is her game. Her toned red hair and light blue eyes might give you some fright. My mom and dad own a company together. It is doing well paying the bills.

"I'm coming mom" I say having on night black pants and a dark red shirt. Like the normal dress code in most Greensboro, North Carolina schools. As I run down the stairs to my mom for school my sister tired and my brother trying to not be excited.

"Mom now has a junior, freshman, and new middle schooler," my brother said as Mom shook her head, smiling.. we get into the car. All of the windows rolled down her three kids looking at her smiling. "Don't wanna hear that mom? You don't want us to grow up?". I glanced at my mom still listening to my brother. My brother was the weird one in our family. My sister is the smart one she gets it from my mom, Me? I'm like my dad and my great grandmother combined. My mop mop and I are both storytellers. If you didn't laugh at one of my mop mop's jokes then there was something wrong with your sense of humor.

"We are at GA, the school you love so much" said my mom. As I heard that my smile grew and it was weird for a middle schooler to be happy to go back to school. I walked into the room. Mrs.Harris 6th grade class 20. My homeroom teacher and my science and social studies teacher. I saw most of the seats taken. Being on time wasn't a Franco thing. Seeing new faces was fun I have to admit hearing the familiar voices and new smiling faces that's all I need to make my day.

"Kristina! Come sit with me!" A girl with light brown hair and light brown eyes stared at me waving her hand to have me come over. As I walk to the table my other friends give me high fives and greeting me. I look at the table. Chiara is the girl who called me next to her is a girl with freckles, middle brown hair, and brown eyes. Then the new guy next to me was brown skin tone black hair and mystic brown eyes he was shy and didn't have much to say until I talked to him.

"So your new to GA" as I asked him it was a little weird but relaxing. he looked at me all happy and glad. My favorite part of new kids is seeing their shy side turn into a side that trust their new friends that they will tell them whatever. Seeing them at ease is comforting cause I know they trust me. He nods and starts talking to the other two girls. As I turn I see this new boy he was tiny 4 foot something, I was 5 '3. I was a good height for my age. Putting my head back in focus I glanced at the clock. 9:45..."

"Time to switch to your second core" Mrs. Harris if you were respectful to her she will be nice to you since she has already taught my siblings I know she was scary though to most people the only scary teacher to me was... well, no one. I respect Mrs.Harris. I think I walked to my locker with my friend Julia. Julia is nice and has a kind heart.

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