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Chapter 94

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Three weeks later || August 1st

I really wanted to tell Blake how I felt when I saw him, but I couldn't. What if he finally moved on? What if I told him I wanted him back, but he doesn't want me back. Errrghhhhh. I haven't talked to him since he came over here. I've basically been avoiding him & everyone else since then.

Today is Ford's third birthday. I can't believe he's already three. Brynn has been trying to get me to go to his party all week, but I've been making excuses.

"Come on Briana. You have to come," she said, "Ford doesn't know if you're coming, so it'll be like a surprise for him. You know how much he loves & misses you."

"I know. I would love to go, but I can't," I said, throwing my head down on the counter.

"Briana, I know you don't wanna see Blake, but it would mean a lot if you came."

I lifted my head and looked at her.

"Pleeeeeease Briiiiiii! Do it for Ford," she said.

"Brynn, that's not fair. You know how much I love that kid," I said, smiling a little.


"Alright, alright. I'll go," I said in defeat.

"Ahhhh, thank you Briana!" she screamed, giving me a hug.

"What time does the party start?"


"Okay. I'll see you then."

"Actually, I need help decorating," she said, "can you help me?"

"Sure. Let me go get his gifts and we can go."

I went in my room to get the gifts and when I came out, Brynn looked at me like I had lost my damn mind.

"Did you buy all those for him?" she asked.

"One's from me, one's from my parents, one's from Darrell & the other one is from Jourdyn."

"They did not have to do that."

"They insisted," I said, "I told you, y'all are basically family now."

We left my house and went to the park to set up.


We finished setting up and some guys just dropped off a jumping castle. It's a cute jungle themed party and I think Ford will like it.

The first to show up was Jordan, Brynn's brother, Jordan's son, and Brynn's son, Cole. The next to show up was Blake, Kayla and the birthday boy.



Both Ford & Kayla ran up to me and gave me hugs.

"Hey babies! Happy birthday Ford!" I said, picking him up.

"Tank you Bweedy," he said, cupping my face in his tiny hands, "I miss you."

He wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me. That was so cute.

"I miss you too," I said, fighting back tears.

"What's up lil mama?" I said to Kayla, "have you been practicing?"

Even though I see Kayla every Wednesday & Friday, it's nice to see her outside of the studio.

"Yeah!" she said with a huge smile.


I put Ford down so he could go play with his cousins and sat down on the bench, across from Jordan as more people started show up.

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