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I walked into school by myself this morning due to Nicki still being very upset with me. She went to pick Mani up and left me to take the other car to get to school. I walked to my locker to get my things, and a soon as I got there. I was met with two figures giggling and talking right by it.

Normani and Nicki

"Wait, Nic stawwwpppp." Normani dragged out as Nicki kept trying to tickle her. "You know I hate that." Normani said. Nicki immediately stopped and stood straight. She pouted up at her before kissing her cheek. "You're right, I'm sorry." She said to her. Normani smiles and kisses her cheek back. "It's okay, I forgive you." She said to her. I cough loudly and roll my eyes at the two. They finally look up and notice that I was standing right ducking next to them.

"Oh. H-hey B-Bey." Normani said nervously. I looked at her confused. It's been weeks, why is she still acting like this towards me but it's a completely different story with Nicki?

"Hi Normani, how are you?" I said sternly. She cleared her throat and spoke. "I-I'm fine. I need to get to my locker and then to class I'll see you guys later. Bye Bey, see you later Nicki." She and as she hurried away from us. We watched as she scurried away before Nicki turned back to me.

"Ayo Bey, are you serious right now?" She asked me with an attitude. I rolled my eyes, I'm not in the moved for their bullshit. "What, what the fuck did I do now Onika?" Nicki furrowed her brows at me before speaking.

"You didn't have to stare her down like she did something wrong to you, especially when you're the one being the dick." She said. I rolled my eyes yet again, "I'm not in the mood Onika." I sighed. Nicki chuckled before speaking. "You know what, neither am I. So stay outta my face today." She said before slamming her locker and walking away.

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