Aww hell

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     "Wait so you love the girl"? I said to my brother as he finally told me everything that went down between him and Angel.
"I said I think I don't know it crazy because I wasn't even suppose to catch feelings bruh".
"So you think you in love with a female who's a hoe"? Reggie got defensive and said "man she ain't no hoe don't call her that".
I paused call of duty and turned around and faced him. "Bruh you caught her in bed with someone else , word around school is that she's a hoe I'm just calling it..."
"Man nobody know her like I do Alright and hell you can't call Angel a hoe without adding Veronica name to the list".
          I shook my head here he go "man Veronica ain't no hoe".
"Oh she's not but got a boyfriend and talking to you. Have you forgot you told me you ate her out the other night at her crib I think y'all did more, but still she got a nigga and she letting you do that she's a hoe".
"Man shut up before you piss me off, you want Angel cool but what are you going to do now to get her back"? I asked .
He shrugged his shoulders "I don't know yet pot still boiling up there".

       "Girl this the fifth time this week you got flowers your husband must love you" one of the girls I worked with said as she brought the flowers into my office. I smiled Cre was really showing out I guess he was trying to pretended to be happy I got this job, so I'd feel bad and quit crazy, but I know my husband.
      "Yes he really do, but ima call him cause soon I'm run out of room with all these flowers".
Odd thing was when Cre would give me flowers he would either give them to me himself or have it delivered to my house this having it come to my job was something new . All these flowers at that the man must was in a flower frenzy this week.
       "Hey baby wassup I'm at the site"?
"Thanks again for the flowers" he laughed and said "Ro baby what flowers"? I hated when he played like this.
"Cre the flowers you have been sending since Monday".
He sucked his teeth "girl I haven't sent you no flowers that's on my kids you know if I gave you flowers I would hand delivered them myself".
I leaned up enough to grab the tag from the one I got today.
Inside said nothing and I was now wondering who sent these flowers .
"Cre I ...."
"Girl who you got sending you flowers ..."?
There was a knock at my door and there stood Lee.
"Baby ima call you back".

      "Hey Reggie" I heard a girls voice say.
Turning around I saw the girl from my Math class name Amanda .

"Oh hey Amanda right"? I said checking her out she was cute never really noticed her before

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"Oh hey Amanda right"? I said checking her out she was cute never really noticed her before.
"Yea thought you wouldn't have known who I was".
I smiled "Nah we got third period together I know".
       I just wanted to say "I think you are fine as shit on some serious shit and that you should fuck with me".
Baby girl was bolder than a muthafucker but out the corner of my eyes I saw Angel coming towards us with anger on her face.
"Shit" I said.
"What" Amanda replies .
"What's this Reggie" Angel said pushing Amanda back and standing in front of me.
         "Angel calm down" I said because this hot headed girl there was no telling what was about to happen.
"Girl what you tripping for right you said in class you wasn't fucking with him anymore"! Amanda said.
"Bitch your thirsty ass I said that shit out of anger weeks ago, but you couldn't wait to pop your hot pocket ass over her to him".
She looked Angel up and down "I don't even know what he see in your hoe ass he should be with a real bitch anyway loose pussy hoe"!
I knew right then a fight was about to happen so i pulled Angel back actually I had to pick her ass up and put her over my shoulders because she was trying to fight.
        I finally got her into a empty classroom and calmed her down.
"You want her go get her Reggie" she said now trying to catch her breath.
"Man who I want is standing in front of me, but she needs to calm down".
She calms herself down and said "I can't even be fighting".
"Exactly your bigger than that".
She blew off "no I can't be fighting because I'm pregnant". Boy my soul left my body and I got hot all of a sudden.
         She nodded and said "and before you ask who's is it ....." I cut her off
"It's mine isn't it" she nods yes.

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