chapter 9

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Uriel's pov

I was in my office and when I tell you that that weird girl is a witch,ooh boy believe me she is,how can I be spending almost all my entire time in the office doing nothing that can earn me more money but  having that girl running all through my mind!If it's not witchcraft tell me then what on earth is it?

I have been admiring all her body features, don't get me wrong, I am a man and things like this bound to happen,her beautiful plump full pink lips,those eyes,I swear I can get lost just by staring at them,the way they just sparkle when she smiles and the way they  darkens when she gets angry, just.... sexy!Men those rossy cheeks that I can spend my whole lifetime  just kissing them.

Wow I love her anger , feisty kind of girl, just my type but no other girl has ever made me develop various emotions;anger...I tell you she knows how to trick my nerves.Calm...when I am with her just by touching her I feel better  and just want to stay like that and when I see tears in her eyes , I don't know what to say, I feel shuttered and all I want is to make her happy because that's what an angel like her deserves....but why??

Control,control,Uriel Fernandez just breathe ,no one should control you like this,no one should make you weak because you can't be weak.

After moments of doing my mantras , I was interrupted by the telephone

"Speak!"I boomed through the phone.

"Um sir,Miss Lia Gonzalez is here and wants to see you.She says it's urgent sir." the receptionist said .

Oh, she said Lia, maybe she came back to her senses and came to take the proposal I gave her.Ha!no one in hell and back defies me,Uriel Fernandez,heck! never.

"I'm sending my P.A down to get her.
"Ok..ok.sure sir."

Lia, I tied my neck tie properly and adjusted my suit making sure I was -what the heck!Why I'm I even doing this?

Seconds later.

A knock from the door and I knew she was here,how my eyes long to see her-it's official ,she is a witch and I am losing my sanity,Jesus!

"Come in!"I shouted pretending to be angry,she should know who's

There came in my P.A with her slutty clothes and behind her,Lia and what the hell happened to her,the bruises all over her face and body,her torn dirty clothes just made me want to strangle whoever did this to her.

I don't know what happened to my legs because I just found myself heading towards her and engulfing her in a tight hug,placing my face at the crook of her neck, taking in her smell which was intoxicating.Who the hell dared to hurt my queen- queen?  Whatever.

Just the thought of her messed up like this made me clench my teeth and fold my fists into a tight grip making my knuckles whitten, being angry is an understatement , I am blazing and I swear the heat coming from me can burn this whole building.

Her trying to move from my grip snapped me from my thoughts.

"Josephine get out !"I shouted at my P.A who was giving deathly glances to my queen ,yes she is now my queen but not totally like totally but then in another hand there is Natalie,my mum's bff and who is trying in all her might to make me hers but  she should know that I don't do relationships,but maybe just maybe with Lia, I can try.

"Who did this to you!"I growled making her clench,no queen, you should not be the one fearing,the bloody person should be the one peeing in his or her pants.

Sir?hell no my queen should call me by my first name,yes.

"Call me Uriel from now on ok?"I snapped at her.

"Yes..yes sir, I mean Uriel"

Wow just the way my name rolls out of her mouth is wonderful , I have never liked my name like the way I am today,keep calling my name baby.

"It's no one, I just fell somewhere, please si-Uriel, I don't have anywhere to stay , if the job is still available please , I really need it."she pleaded on the verge of crying, I know she is lying to me about the bruises but I won't push it.

"Ok ,my driver will pick you up and take you home,go have a rest and I will come and assign you your duties."I said going back to my desk.

"Really sir?"

"I don't repeat myself."I said going back to my cold self,no I can't be this weak infront of her, I can't.

"Ok sir ,thank you so much."she said with that same spark in her eyes.

I took out my phone and called out for my driver and moments later he came and took Lia  to her new home.

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