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1- height?- 156 cm

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1- height?
- 156 cm.

2- weight?
- not telling hehe.

3- shoe size?
- there's a difference from where i'm from, some people say a one digit size for example "size 7", but here we use two digit sizes, and mine's 41, don't know what my size is in the single digit one though.

4- virgin?
- very much yes.

5- ever smoked?
- nonononono that's bad.

6- crush?
- as of now, not really.

7- middle name?
- don't have one.

8- have tattoos?
- nope.

9- want tattoos?
- maybe.

10- ever drank?
- noooo i'm underaged.

11- best friend?
- :}

12- biggest fear.
- bugs.

13- pet peeve.
- when someone sneezes on me.

14- thing i hate about myself.
- why so harsh lmao, but the thing i hate about myself is that i get annoyed easily.

15- thing i love about myself
- my dimples :p

16- relationship status.
- s i n g l e .

17- insecurities?
- my weight lol.

18- favorite song(s)?
- snapping - (chungha)
- breathe - (ab6ix)
- breakthrough - (twice)

19- music style?
- i like pop songs most of the time, but ballads are also my favorite. r&b too, and rap.

20- favorite number?
- 14~

21- favorite dream?
- when i hugged godjihyo.

22- last thing i ate.
- i didn't eat anything yet, i'm gonna eat after this.

23- last text i recieved.
- "goodnight blue have an amazing sleep, dream of me~" @ you know who you are ;)

24- person i hate.
- mnet.

25- first kiss.
- didn't lose it yet teehee.

26- childhood confession.
- don't have one.

27- dream date.
- having a dinner date then stargazing later on.

28- ever cut yourself?
- nonono, i'm not that type of person.

29- ever been hospitalized?
- yeah, kinda.

30- ever been suspended?
- nope, i'm a good student.

31- ever been expelled?
- like i said, i'm a good student.

32- opinion on same sex marriage?
- i support all the way.

33- opinion on haters?
- i don't really know what to say about them, but i always wonder why they hate on innocent people who deserve the world :(

34- opinion on animal abuse?
- absolutely n o t, if you hurt an animal then i'll hunt you down and torture you just like you tortured those poor innocent creatures.

35- childhood memory.
- i don't have any good childhood memories, all of them are messed up.

36- favorite place.
- my couch where i sit and listen to songs and write stories.

37- father's name.
- not saying his name :p

38- nickname.
- blue~

39- worst nightmare.
- when teachers at school were hunting me down.

- i love eunbishh , kimyourhan , s2hee__ , and violetspov , the underrated authors :")

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