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HEY! Why the heck why do people read this I have suck bad grammar and spelling I literally look up how to spell so words heh 😅 oh yeah you want to the story lol I literally just had to recap what happened in the last story ;~;

Colby's POV
I can't sleep Sam is asleep and I didn't really feel like waking him up I'm so scared of thunderstorms (me lol)
A big crash of thunder sounds I scream but  luckily Sam didn't wake up I got up and began to walk around until I found Brennens room he was sleeping in his boxers and he was shirtless i blushed hard (insert Lenny face) I walk in and go up to Brennen and I shake him he says ugh what I say it's me Colby (the Android sent by cyberlife)  there's a thunder storm and then a loud (loud LOUD Did I say it was LOUD because it was LOuD oh my god I gotta stop ;~;) I jump and start crying

Brennens POV
I hug Colby and say it okay I tell him he can sleep in my bed with me
They fall asleep did anyone notice Brennen is still in his boxers and shirtless insert a million Lenny faces

Still Brennens POV
I hear someone yelling COLBY (c0lbY the phat a** raindeer 😂) COLBY I noticed it was Sam I said shut the censored up
He say No where's Colby he's in my bed Sam says WHAT I hear him up up the stairs and come in to my room he sees Colby is sitting up Sam says did you guy rises eyebrows Colby blushes NO Sam then why is Brennen shirtless and why are you in his bed Colby screams IM NOT GaY Sam says hmmm cole Brock why are you the color of ketchup Colby gets up and says ImA KILL YoU Sam says NOOOoo Brennen laughs Sam runs out of the room and a few minutes later I hear Colby say a YOUR To fASt and then Sam replies your TO fAt Colby says tAkE tHaT back
Omg I'm so bad at spelling I literally forgot how to spell shake and then blushing what is my life I haven't slept yet i have been watching Sam and Colby and brolby oh and the person who added to this there reading list ;~; do you want your followers to see this monster of a book😂 no srsly tho I love all you guys who read this book and vote it if your wondering how old I am I'm 11 like a child I'm 5 2 I'm taLl and my frewnd whose reading this i love u  you are best and people that need this you are great no matter what and just remember I care about everyone so please just know that you are loved ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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