Chapter 33: He's Still Mad

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Lucy's P.O.V

I walked to school alone thinking about the conversation I had with Natsu. I got to class on time, for once, and Natsu was already there. He refused to look at me. I am currently in my second period class and all I can think about is Natsu.

I really messed up, didn't I? It just doesn't make sense! He's too proud to accept money when he needs it, but he's making a bigger fool of himself NOT taking the money.


I sat down at our usual table but Natsu was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't even in the cafeteria!

"Lucy, where's Natsu?" Cana asks.

"I don't know..." I answer, wishing I did know.

"What's going on with you two anyway?" Erza questions.

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't come into class together, you didn't talk to each other all day, and Natsu wouldn't so much as look at you!" Mira spoke up. "We. Need. Answers!!!"

I scratch the back of my neck and chose the next words that would come out of my mouth carefully. "He, uh...we had a little disagreement."

Erza raised an eyebrow, "Disagreement?"



I chose wrong.


The entire cafeteria was silent and staring at a certain takeover mage.

"Uh..." Mira nervously coughed. "How loud did that come out...?"

"Very." Evergreen glared at all the onlookers.

Erza stood up and slammed her hands on the table. "GO BACK TO YOUR OWN CONVERSATIONS AND GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!!"

Everyone immediately either complained or whined to the person sitting next to them or pretended to talk to someone or thin air, not wanting to make Erza angry.

"Good." She said calmly, sitting back down.

"Ok first Mira, he's not my boyfriend and stop shipping us. Second, even if I wanted to apologize I don't know where he is. Third, he's the one being stubborn and headstrong! Yes, I pushed his limits a little and didn't respect what he was trying to tell me, but I think he needs some time calm down and be sensible!" I say, sick of all of it.

"...what even happened? Sounds like you guys got into a pretty bad argument." Lisanna asks.

"It was nothing. I don't think he would want me talking about it anyway."I remark.

"But we're your best friends! His too!" Levy exclaims.

"It's a personal thing for him. If he wants to tell you, he will." I state, feeling as though I have no place to blabber about his personal life.

"She's right guys, just leave it alone. If you really want to, you can ask him tomorrow." Evergreen says, bored of the conversation.

"..." No one really knew what to say. There was complete silence all the way until the bell rang.

<><><>Magic Class<><><>

"Alright, you've all been making great progress with your magic, but let's start getting to the next level. To work your magic you need to know how to work without your magic. Especially the holder type mages. There may come the time where you need to use hand to hand combat. So that's what we're going to work on today." Mr. Powell announces.

That's just what I need to work on! I was going to ask Natsu about private lessons...I don't think now is the time.

"Now, as I understand it, Mr. Dragneel is already well trained in hand combat so, I would like him to come up to the front please."

Natsu walks up to the front with a blank face, while every kid in the class was holding their breath and watching him carefully.

"In front of me, Natsu, right here. Yep, perfect." Mr. Powell comments as Natsu moves into the instructed position. 

They both got into a fighting stance. "Now, let's just start with a simple block. Now, watch. Natsu, punch me-"

"Ok." He said as he threw a simple punch to the stomach. Mr. Powell, not expecting it, got hit by the blow.

"Ohmygosh, that hurt so much...oh my gosh...owwwww!!" He whined while multiple students got up to help. 

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Eric yelled, jumping up and tackling Natsu.

"Wait, wait!!" Mr. Powell laughed, "I-It didn't hurt! I was just joking! Geez..."

"What?!" Everyone in the class yelled simultaneously.

Natsu pushed Eric off his chest and helped Mr. Powell up from the ground. "I barely even touched him."

"It felt like a poke, you gotta step up your game, Natsu!" Mr. Powell chuckled. "Alright, alright, back to the lesson. Come on Natsu." 

They got back into their previous positions and readied their stance. "Now, SLOWLY punch me, and I'll demonstrate a proper block." Mr. Powell ordered.

Natsu punched his teacher as slow as he could and Mr. Powell blocked it, trying to make it obvious on what to do.

"Got it?" He asked looking at the class. 

They stared blankly. "Great! I'll pair you all up and Natsu and I will walk around helping you out." Mr. Powell says.


We all got with our partners until I was the only one left.  

Once, again.

"You're one of the ones that like Natsu, right? You know, the ones that aren't afraid of him? Okay, great. I'll use you two as a demonstration to show the class." He said, leading us to the front and turning our sides toward the class.

We face each other and get into fighting stance.

I look into his eyes and I can't read his expression. They seem almost lifeless, completely dead with no emotion.

"Natsu..." I mumble.

"Just shut up so we can get this over with." He snaps.

I look down. I guess he hasn't gotten over it, not even somewhat. I guess I'll try tomorrow morning...

<><><>After School<><><>

I walk into my house and sigh. 

I'm exhausted. I hope Natsu gets over this...It's hard to apologize to him when he won't even look at me.

Ugh, looks I'm in for another night of YouTube and chips...

<><>The Next Morning<><>

I wake up to my alarm beeping.

I groan, Don't tell me he's going to scare me again...

Walking out of my room, I don't hear anyone. I look around my entire house and no one's there.

I head back to my room and look at the clock. 5:00...he must've set an alarm. He's still mad then...


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