Forty - Nine

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

"-it's kind of not bad here. I like this school." Brody said.

I wasn't exactly paying attention to him since I was tired as hell. I hadn't slept very much last night. Between those nightmares about Alex. I missed Alex. So darn much.

"Hey, why are you so down today?" He nudged me lightly.

I was really waiting for this class to get over. The substitute teacher wasn't helping with it. She had given us a free period which just gave others a chance to talk loudly. And not let me sleep.

So, I had been stuck here, sitting beside Brody and listening to him talk. It didn't matter much, though. He really had been a nice company since Alex stopped coming to school.

"Nothing. I just feel tired." I said, rubbing my eyes for further emphasis.

He placed his arm around my shoulder which I took as a friendly gesture. Alex did that to me all the time.

And now I missed him.

"No worries. I won't bore you off with my stupid talk." He said with a smile. I returned the smile.

"Anyways, for that biology project. We need to meet up after school." He pointed out. "Your place or the library?"

I didn't know why he didn't mention his place. As if hearing my thoughts, he added, "I kind of have my place booked up tonight. So mine isn't an option."

I wasn't sure about my place either. The bell rang on cue.

"How about I tell you after the classes end?" I asked before getting up. He nodded with another one of his charming smiles.

I didn't get the time to tell him about it once the classes ended. All because I got detention from my Calculus professor. And that had happened because I forgot to submit my assignment.

Was it my fault that I had been tired as hell from yesterday's event and slept like a bear?

The truth was, there had been no Alex to help me out on it. He always helped me with Calculus. That just made me more sad. Sadder than usual.

When I entered the detention class, I sat down at the far back of the class, near the window overlooking the empty parking lot. Everyone had already left the school grounds except me and the other detention students.

I never remembered getting detention before. My life was so messed up. I missed those days when I just cared about my sleep. Or Netflix.

Blowing out a sigh, I placed my head on the desk.

"-she like sleeps extra since that thing with Alex happened." I heard a voice from somewhere in front of the class. "She even came late today."

I tried ignoring the giggles. I shouldn't have been bothered by their remarks. They didn't know what I was going through. A major case of liars. That's what I was going through.

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