14: Across Campus

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It's honestly so obvious who this murderer guy is, since I've mentioned him a lot and then done a few scenes after I've brought him up and none of you have guessed him, lol. It's fine, it's all good. Anyways, hope you enjoy this. Now after saying that you're all gonna be like OH, IT'S HIM. Aahaha.
Oh and also my laptop is broke so I'm writing this on my iPod, hence why it's probably gonna be more crap than usual. Oops.
"Hey, I didn't expect you to call me," I tell Chase, sitting up and muting the television. "I thought you would have called your girlfriend."

Usually, I would have expected Chase to laugh and tease me about being 'jealous' or 'bitter' but today he doesn't. It's like he's not even listening to me. "Look, I think the police have finally realised I haven't done it. They're following up a lead, but what I'm hearing is that they might be letting me out tonight and going to find the actual killer. I don't want to get Harley's hopes up, but will you go and check something out for me?"

Trying to bury the excitement and all the questions I have about them finding the actual murderer, I continue to ask, "Sure, just tell me," standing up, I walk to the front door and gather my shoes, "what do you want me to do?"

I was so bored and so alone. Chase was no help to me as he was in jail, Asher was busy doing something that he wouldn't tell me, and Nate was out doing whatever Nate does, with Jellybean. I was completely alone, and bored. After this is all over, I definitely need to go and find some friends. You don't realise how many you don't have until ones in jail, ones your brother, and ones ran off with your dog.

I really needed to get out my dorm. Sitting here all by myself made me feel like a sitting duck, but at the same time here I had tv and unlimited wifi. I don't really want to be walking around outside either, not when I know that theres a real murderer on the loose. Today was the day I wished I actually had a weekend lecture. Maybe I should go and sign up to a club or something.

Laying back on my bed, I roll over, trying to find a comfier position. I can't wait for this to all be over and for Chase to be out free. It's been weird not having his and Asher's stupid conversations around the house, with their stupid jokes, and laughs. He really needs to get out soon.

I stare at the picture of Chase and me from graduation on my table. Chase was laughing at Asher, and I was trying my best not to do my stupid laugh that made me look like some sort of bloated chipmunk. It was a weird picture, meaning it was perfect for us.

That picture of me that had gone 'missing' still hasn't turned up anywhere. It was driving me crazy, and Nate and Asher both swore they didn't do anything to it. I had doubts, but not anymore. They wouldn't do something to freak me out, not when something like this was happening. But pictures just didn't get up and move. Someone had to have moved it, or taken it. It was making my restless, but I didn't want to think the worst. I had to stop thinking about it before my overly active imagination sent me some place I didn't want to be.

Getting up, I pick up my shoes and pull them on. Theres only one place that would make me feel safe, and that would be with Chase.


Harley had left her apartment. Good, this gave me time to go in and wait for her. When she comes back, I will be there for her, and I will take her and we will begin our lives together as one.

When she saw me she would realise Chase wasn't the one she wanted and loved, but me.

The photo in my hand will no longer have to be all that I have to Harley. A picture of her is nothing compared to the real thing.

I can't wait, Harley, now don't be long.

They wouldn't let me in to see Chase. I demanded to know why, but they wouldn't tell me. "He's not available for visiting," they told me, "he's busy."

Which I replied, "how busy can he be? He's in jail, there's not much to do!"

In which I swiftly got told to "leave" and I will be "notified as soon as they have something to tell." Ridiculous. I knew I should have called before I came.

Putting my hand on the cold handle I the car door, I yank it open and climb inside the warm car, letting the door slam shut behind me.

I hope Chase is okay. I guess for now I will have to just go home and wait for him, or the police, to notify me about what's happening.
Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.

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