Reggie's true feelings

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"Yo Dre remember that little honey you had for a hot second"?
"Who Remi"? I said .
"Yea bruh she here at this party by herself well some little nigga just walked up to her".
I haven't talk to Remi in two weeks since she flipped on me about my baby momma.
"Bruh she in here flirting like shit her brothers must be nowhere around".
"Man yo I just pulled up I'm about to walk in now".
I got out the car and made my way into the apartment complex heading up to the party. Knowing that Remi was here and entertaining some other nigga I don't know how I was going to react .
Walking into the party I avoided bitches calling my name and walked over to my boy Cleve.
He dapped me up and nodded his head in the direction of Remi. She was still in this nigga face and shit.
I walked over and made myself known "wassup what's this Reminisce"? She looked at me and sucked her teeth "bye Dre you see me talking to someone".
I turned and faced the little nigga "I suggest you step before I hurt you bruh this my girl..."
The boy scurried off and Remi now mad tried to walk off but I followed grabbing her and pulling her off into one of the bedrooms of the apartment.
She snatched away from me "get off me Dre".
"Just hear me out for a minute baby" I said trying to get close enough to kiss her .
She placed her hands in my face stopping me from kissing her.
"Move don't try and kiss me where's your wack ass baby momma".
I shrugged and said "I don't know and I don't care".
"Dre just move in to young for you remember"? I had her up against the door "man I was just saying shit I don't mean come on baby forgive me"?
I started kissing her neck and I felt her body going from being tense to easing down a bit.
I kissed from her next to her cheek to her lips and then said "I missed you".
"How much nigga"? She said looking me in my eyes .
"Let me show you" I said playing with her shirt .
She laughed and said "nah you don't deserve my virginity yet". Shit why she play so damn much whatever I was going to do what I had to, to get it though.


"Damn baby who the fuck is banging on your bedroom door like the police"? I knew it was Reggie and my plan was working just like I wanted it to.
I got out of bed and walked to my bedroom door unlocking it the door flies open and Reggie comes bursting in.
"Who is this"?! He asked me mad as hell another nigga was in my bed.
"Don't be questioning me when you got a girlfriend. What you thought I was playing you haven't picked yet so I'm moving on we both can be side piece". His nose flared up and he clenched his fist "Angel you better tell this nigga to leave before I hurt you and him".
"Reggie just leave when I want some dick from you I'll call you". I tried to push him out put he wouldn't budge .
"Angel don't push me yo get this nigga out your bed and if you fucked him go shower"!
Just then what's his name got out the bed and replied "bruh if you leave I can fuck". Reggie walked over and punched the nigga in the face then dragged the nigga out my apartment.
"I can't believe you did that"! I said yelling.
He grabbed me by my hair and pulled it back causing me to wince in pain. Then he looked me in my eyes as I tried to remove his grip "don't play with me Angel don't have no other nigga in my pussy".
He let me go then pulled me but my waist to him and kissed me "you want me to tell Kimber about us fine I will". I reached in his back pocket and pulled out his phone.
"Call her now and tell her" I said.
"Angel really right now"? I mush him in his face and got out his embrace .
"Until you do it I'm fucking whoever and letting them eat your pussy".
He yelled out "alright fine I'm calling her now"!
"Speaker phone" he called the number and didn't place it on speaker phone.
I walked over and snatched the phone from him.
"Hello" I said moving away from him with the phone.
"Who's this hello where is Reggie"?
"Kimber correct"?
"Who is this bitch where's my man"? I looked up at Reggie who was trying to get his phone from me.
"Tell her Reggie"! I yelled.
"Angel ... look Kimber baby...I mean..."
"You better tell her like you said you was Reggie".
"Kimber I've been...." "fucking me since he got to DC".
"Angel shut up" he said mad.
"Wow really Reggie now it explains all the I'm busy shit . How can you tell me you love me last night and all this time when you've been doing this shit behind my back".
"I'm sorry baby I do love you I'm sorry forgive me..."
I couldn't believe him right now how he was practically trying to seek forgiveness from this bitch. I threw the phone at him.
"Angel What the fuck"!?
"Get out..."
"Get Outtttt I don't wanna see nor talk to you again! You made it seem like you was going to tell this bitch you was leaving her for me instead your trying to get forgiveness from this bitch Get Out"!
He tried to come close and I grabbed the knife from out the sink "you better leave now before I stab you"!
He left and all I could do was sit on the floor and cry.

She was ignoring my phone calls my text messages. She even switched seats with someone in the class we shared together. I had fucked up with two females I care about. Kimber broke up with me and Angel didn't want shit to do with me this here sucked.
After school I waited by her car for her it's been a month and I just wanted to talk to her.
I saw her coming towards her car with her cousin and the look she gave me was so cold I knew me apologizing wasn't going to be enough.
"Reggie you better move from in front of my cousins car before she runs your ass over" her cousin said .
"Angel baby talk to me please". I said ignoring her cousin stopping her from closing her car down on my face.
"We have nothing to talk about go talk to your girlfriend".
"Angel baby please I'm sorry look let me fix this".
"You was going to choose me You was going to let what we was doing run its course without her knowing. It was just sex with me and you and you know what I've accepted that now move"!
"It wasn't just sex yea maybe at first, but I truly got a thing for you girl I've been falling for you heavy lately and that's on my momma just give me another chance"?
"Reggie move before I tase you" she pulled out the taser and I stepped back. She closed the door and drove off.
There was only one more thing for me to do she had posted a picture while in the library .

So I went and commented under it "I think i love you girl ❤️‼️"

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So I went and commented under it "I think i love you girl ❤️‼️"....

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