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It was Christmas when most of the students were spending the morning around their common rooms or in the rest of the castle with their friends. Estella Raney was sitting in the Ravenclaw common room opening a small blue box when a letter fell out of it. She picked it up and unfolded the parchment.

Dear Estella,

Merry Christmas! I hope all is well and that your day is splendid. I found this one day in a shop and I knew you'd appreciate it of all people. Let it guide you home whenever you're lost. The stars are always there for you. As am I, so never hesitate to write.


Estella smiled and set the letter aside. Inside the box lied a compass with a small star chart as the background. She picked it up and observed it. She made a mental note for later that day to write a thank you letter. Next, she moved on to her last package which also happened to be the biggest. It was from her mother with a small note saying "I'm sorry for the wait but the way it will look on you will make up for it. Merry Christmas darling."

Estella unwrapped the package to be met with a gown. She held it up to reveal the dark blue material that faded down to a light blue and then white. She gasped in its beauty and hugged it to her chest. She knew it was made with love. How is Draco going to react, she wondered.

Luna Lovegood interrupted her thoughts when she entered the common room saying, "Estella, Draco Malfoy is waiting for you outside. He has a present that I would assume is for you."

"Really?" Estella asked as she shot out of her seat. She ran her fingers through her unruly hair and made her way to the door. The platinum haired boy had his back facing her when she came upon him.

"Draco?" She asked with a growing smile.

The boy turned around with a huge grin on his face and sure enough, he was holding a neatly wrapped gift.

"Merry Christmas, Estella," the boy beamed.

"Merry Christmas to you too," Estella replied.

"I got you this," Draco said while handing her the gift.

"Oh you didn't have to-"

"I know but I wanted to"

"I'm sorry, I didn't get you anythi-"

"It's okay, Estella. Just open it," he said with a laugh.

The girl opened the present to find a bracelet with a small charm dangling off of it. On the charm lied a constellation.

"It's Scorpius," Estella said after realizing which constellation it was, "It's beautiful"

"You like it? Because if not, I can get you something else. Luna told me you prefer bracelets over necklaces and I know you love stars. So I figured why not our constellation? But if you hate it-"

"Draco I love it," Estella interrupted while wrapping her arms around the boy, "I absolutely love it. Thank you."

The shocked boy wrapped his arms around her waist in return and let out a breath of air.

"You're welcome," he replied.

The two slowly let go of each other as a moment of silence passed between them. Estella watched as he carefully picked up the bracelet and placed it around her wrist. Once it was secure, she felt the electricity run through her wrist as his hand seemed to take its time letting go of her.

"I feel bad. I wish I would've gotten you something," Estella rambled.

"Don't feel bad. You being my date for tonight is more than I could ask for," the boy reassured her.

"I'm sure there's better things in the world that you could ask for," she said with a laugh.

"I know there are but we have to get through tonight before I can ask," he replied with a growing smirk.

Estella felt her face grow red. The thought of Draco asking her to be his girlfriend was not a thought Estella pondered over much. Mainly this was because it made her lose focus for far too long.

"I'll see you tonight, Estella," Draco chuckled before he turned around to walk away.

"Wait, where do you want to meet?" Estella asked.

"Under the stars of course."

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