Chapter 4

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It was all going so fast. Just twenty-four hours ago he was alone. The palace was quiet, and he could breathe.

Now, there seemed to be noise and commotion anywhere he went. Even if it was only five girls, the castle was ablaze with motion. Dinner that day had been awkward to say the least. Benji hadn't paid attention, but a verbal fight had broken out and it took several guards to tear the two girls apart. Although it was something Benji had to grow to expect. With five, well four, girls fighting for both him and the crown. 

Once again, the sun was setting behind the castle walls, creating the perfect atmosphere outside. He stepped outside into the same area as last night, touring the gardens and checking the plants. He could definitely use a walk after today. Benji couldn't believe he had to choose one of the girls to be his wife. As nice as most of them seemed, it felt like an emotional rollercoaster even interacting with them. But nevertheless, he persisted, knowing it wouldn't end well if he didn't follow his father's orders. 

Benji paced back and forth, his head to the ground, thinking. Until he ran into the same boy as last night. It was almost comforting. But instead of overly trimming the hedges, this time he was knelt down, with what looked like a gardening apron on. 

"Jorge?" The boy jumped, not realizing the prince was standing mere feet away from him again. 

"Your Highness, good evening!" He jumped to his feet, bowing in a panicked manner. Benji waved him away, walking closer.

"What are you up to now?" It felt like a stupid question since he was now holding a watering pot.

"Just watering the plants. It's hard to tell which need water and which don't. I just kind of guess..." Jorge laughed a bit, almost ashamed of his inability to garden. 

 "A good way to tell is to feel the ground, if it's a bit damp it doesn't need water, but if its dry it does. Here, feel this." Benji knelt down in the grass, kicking himself mentally as he did so. His maids wouldn't be happy. Jorge put his hand on the dirt Benji was gesturing to, feeling how dry it was. 

"So this would be good?" Benji nodded. Jeyjey poured a bit of water, moving onto the next plant as he did so. Benji shrugged his shoulders, thinking to himself, why not? He grabbed the other watering can, passing through the endless plants with Jorge. 

Benji had no clue why he was out here conversing. He wasn't in the mood to make friends, let alone waste his evening out in the gardens. His mind wanted to be inside resting. But his heart wanted to be here. 


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