Chapter 1 - Leaving For College

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- Jasmine -

I never knew it would be so hard. Packing up all my stuff and just leaving. But nobody said it was easy.

My mum and dad seemed like they weren't to upset, well if that counts mum crying every five seconds. Luke didn't mind either all he wanted was my bedroom.

I picked up a photo of Corey and I hugging. Old memories flooded my mind of when we first met, me falling on my butt in front of everyone. There was that time I got tortured by his criminal father, and the time Luke got run over. All these memories from this one picture.

I knew a lot of people had wondered what I was thinking when I decided to go out with the bad boy. Me being me, good grades and good reputation. Corey well he had more bad reputation and barely came to class.

My best friend Zoe says I changed him, I helped him get back on track with his life. But I didn't. Corey'd made up his own mind he changed himself.

Knowing his father was back behind bars was an everyday comfort to us all. He was a dangerous man and I, well, I hated him for what he did to Luke. Nobody messes with my family and gets away with it.

I pushed the picture into my backpack and pulled my bag onto my back. I was ready to go to college. I think.

No one was ever ready for college, especially me. I'd heard so much about it and it actually sounded brutal. Especially the way college girls acted, here I was thinking Jane was bad, but she's nothing compared to them.

A car horn sounded from outside, Corey was here. I knew I couldn't fit all my stuff in my car so he offered to take some for me.

"Yo Corey." I heard Luke say from downstairs.

"Hey Luke, Where's that beautiful sister of yours."

"Oh Jazz is up in her room finishing off the packing."

"Cool thanks dude." Corey said and I heard him climbing the stairs.

I automatically turned to the mirror and smoothed my hair down. I turned back just in time to see him walk through the door.

"Hey sweetheart." he said smirking.

"Wipe that stupid smirk off you face." I smiled.

"You've finished packing?"

"No I haven't because you turned up."

"Oh come on sweetheart, you know you love me."

I snorted mockingly. He grabbed me and I screamed as we both fell onto my bed. He rolled on top of me and began to kiss me.

I felt the electric feeling I always got when we kissed. Corey pulled away for a moment and smirked, "You're blushing again."

"Shut up." I gripped a pillow and whacked him with it till he held up his hands in surrender. I was laughing hysterically now.

"Are you two going to college or not?" my dad said from the doorway.

"Of course we are." I replied.

"Well you're not accomplishing much by having pillow fights are you?"

"I'll start taking some stuff down to my car." Corey stood up and shook my Dad's hand grabbed a box and was gone.

"You have to promise me you won't do anything stupid in college." dad said seriously.

"Dad, you know me and I only intend on going there for school not all the other crap that goes with it."

"Your a smart girl Jasmine." he concluded as Corey reappeared in the doorway.

"Corey, can I trust you to look after my daughter?"

"Yes sir." Corey said seriously, "You can count on me."

"I hope so." dad walked out and Corey and I stared at each other.

"Hear that sweetheart? I'm your guardian."

"I have perfectly good hearing. Do you think you can handle the job?"

"Not a doubt in my mind." he replied proudly.

"Come on the others are probably waiting for us. Dylan gets very impatient you know."

He took my had and pulled me to my feet. "College watch out cause here we come." he said triumphantly.



I had so many people telling me to write a sequel, well here it is. Hope you guys like the first chapter. Please let me know what you think.

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