Chapter 4. A New Co-Worker

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Y/N Pov, 2:00 Am, Generic Inc.

I heard Marrick talk about a new person. His mind was still running about the... Uh... Shower Activities with Malo, but he was still curious about his new Co-worker.

The only thing he knew about was that his new Co-worker, was female with dark hair, and hazel eyes... Odd, that kinda sounds like- "Hello Y/N!" Swiveling around in his chair, he turned to see none other then, Malo.

"Uh, hi?" She'd pull a chair from Marricks cubical, then slide it in Y/N's, as she sits, she whispers, "I'm disguised, they can't see what I really am." That cleared up a few things for the male, "So! Your manger told me to find you! Employee of the month, Four times in a row?"

"Uh, yes... I mean, I work hard enough." Y/N turned back to his desk, tapping away on his keyboard. Ignoring the fact Marrick rolled in on his chair.

"So, what's your name?" Marrick asked, obviously attempting to flirt.

"Mally, and I'm with Y/N." She said blatantly, clearly not caring about what reactions struck the two men. It was clearly a surprise that she said that to Marrick, but Y/N played it off.

"So that's why you weren't getting enough sleep!" Red graced the face of Y/N and Malo, yes. They have fucked. Yes, they are getting closer. Yes, Malo and Y/N are both Masochists. Wait, what?

Y/N's and Marrick's Manager rushed by, stopping, coming back, and asking, "This the new chick, Strauss?" He just nodded, his Manager then walked off again, carrying out his work.

"Strauss?" Malo looked confused, it was apparent he forgot to tell her his last name. "Yeah! Y/N's German! That's why he's so efficient!" Mein got... "Yes I'm German, can we just get to work now?"

Timeskip, Malo Pov, 6:54 Pm, Y/N's Home

"C'mon, pleeeaasssee?" She's been begging Y/N to make her his famous, Bacon, Egg and Cheese with Hashbrown sandwich, while they were sitting on the couch, Y/N forced under Malo, her sitting atop him, pinning him down.

Her thighs will be the death, and life of me. He quickly thought before rolling off the couch, landing on her and smirking, "Yes, I will. But no more of this please!"

She'd just giggle, pushing Y/N slightly up so he could stand, and go cook, but not before pulling him back down and 'kissing' him.

Timeskip, Malo Pov, 8:28 Pm, Y/N's Home

A slight knocking at the door drew Malo's attention, so she obviously went and told Y/N. He answer the door to a man in a suit, dark glasses, and a briefcase.

"Hello, Mr. Strauss?" "Uh, yes, Mr...?" The man's expressionless face formed a smirk. Y/N noticed his unconsciousness, Malo has been rubbing off on him, but so are they.

"Who are they?"

(This goes early for my Friend Anna.)

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