She froze again, this time clenching her fist and squeezed her eyes shut. That's another reason Autumn wanted a family.

So now I have someone who needs me and won't leave me alone, she thought sadly.

Her abandonment had always haunted her since she found out. She spent many nights as a teenager crying until three am because she wanted to know why her parents didn't want her. Why they left her. Was she not good enough?

A tear escaped her eye and she laughed. She laughed at how pathetic she probably looked, crying in the middle of a field over people she's never met. She resumed walking, wiping away the constant flow of tears the fell down her face. Her dark green eyes that reminded some of a forest were red and puffy.

Autumn, I'm sure they had their reasons for abandoning us. Please don't cry, whimpered Astraea, who pawed at hers and her humans mental barrier. She hated feeling her humans sadness because she couldn't do anything about it. She was primal and usually angry or calm, not feeling such a serious emotion like sadness.

Astraea, please, it's no use. I know their reason for leaving me on a doorstep. They simply didn't want the abomination of a mistake they made, and they left. But, I'm not angry at them. As much as I want to be, as much as I want to say I will stop searching for them, I won't because I can't lie to myself.

I will look for them, but not to convince them to claim me as their daughter again, but to get my answers, she told her wolf, who simply gave the barrier a nuzzle before retreating to the corner of Autumn's mind to give her space.

She opened the back door and went into the house, closing it behind her. She took her jacket off, but she didn't hang it up. She tossed it on the couch and  went upstairs, going into her room and turning the shower on. She stripped of her clothing and got in.

After she washed her hair and body, she stood there, letting the hot water burn her slightly. With her head tilted down, she cried more. She didn't exactly know why she was crying now, but she was. She gripped her hair tightly in her hands, as if the tightness was going to make the emotions go away.

After maybe fourty or fifty minutes, she sluggishly turned the water off and got out, wrapping a towel around her body. She went to her bedroom and put on a bra and underwear, then she put on a pair of nay blue sweats and a white camisole, brushing her hair until it was sort of dry.

Putting it up into a loose ponytail with strands framing her face. She sighed and climbed into the bed, pulling the dark purple and blue galaxy comforter over her 5'5 frame. She stared at her ceiling. Her hand began feeling numb and suddenly her headboard turned light blue. She sat up and found her once dark brown headboard now frosted and ice blue. She cancelled it out and layed down.

Cristiano was feeling extremely nervous because something was going to happen tomorrow, he could feel it in his gut. Maybe because he can sense his mate now, and he was going to find her tomorrow.

He was laying in bed, looking out his window. He sat up and groaned, rolling out of bed. It was now a quarter past one am, and he hasn't gotten any sleep since six am. His wolf was laying on his stomach, his tail moving side to side leisurely.

He ran a hand through his dark brown and black hair andand sighed. He couldn't wait to see his mate. Cristiano wondered what she looked like, but his wolf simply rolled on his side and let out an annoyed sigh. He layed back down and flipped his pillow with an annoyed sigh.

He fell asleep, with complications, a half an hour later.

**The Next Day**

He awoke with a start and practically leaped out of bed, going to grab a shower. As he washed with his Axe body wash, he thought about how his mate would react to him. He snapped out of it once he was halfway dressed in a black and white suit.

His wolf was pacing in his head, growling about his stupid human wouldn't hurry out the door. He noticed that he didn't put his crown on today, and he didn't mind one bit. Cristiano didn't want to scare his mate off with the responsibility of her future role as Luna Queen.

He ordered his driver to take him to the airport, for some odd reason, his gut is telling him to South Dakota. During the drive, he sat in silence and looked out the car window. He hoped all things will go well.

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