Spartan Law

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Irina charged forward, swinging only to clash with your shield. You thrust the spear forward, slightly cutting some skin on her thigh. She threw herself back and looked at you with shock.

Irina "Holy crap, when did you?"

You smiled at get with s smug look.

I am a child of Sparta, and I obey spartan law. 

You threw you shield forward with the spear pointing over it. 

No mercy, no surrender. So come on, give me your best shot.

She jumped up high in the air, swinging her sword down to clash with the shield yet again. You threw her off and charged at her. You swung and gave her another cut on her arm, she sucked in air through clutched teeth at the sensation. She quickly grabbed the spear and cut the tip off. You let go of the spear and slammed the shield into her, knocking her back. You heard cheers in the back, the Spartans cheering for you.


She looked up at you and quickly got to her feet. She charged and jumped over you, a smile on her face as she gave the most smug look possible. Thinking she had out smarted you, she swung, only for you to grab your sword off your belt and stop the sword. You pushed it forward and she landed on her back. You charged forward and swung. She dodged it last second, but didn't make it out with another scratch on her cheek. You slammed the sword into the ground.


A bunch of spears jumped out of the ground, leaving many cuts in both her clothing and skin. She jumped up in the air and landed thirty feet away from you, looking at the spears with shock.

Rias "Is that?"

You smiled.

You see, thanks to a special ability I got from a witch many years ago, I received the ability to use other people's balance breakers. However, I don't know if it would work on the red dragon emperor. But, I also gain the the ability to alter it to my powers. 

You charged forward and she blocked your attack with her sword. You broke off and kicked her in the side, causing her to lose her balance slightly. You slapped her in the face with your shield and she fell back, stumbling as blood began leaking from her nose. You charged and cut her hand, causing her to drop the sword. You swung your shield low and hit her in the back of the legs. She fell the the ground on all fours before receiving yet another shield to the face. She landed on her back, out cold. 

Never underestimate a person from the house of Sparta. 

You sheathed your sword and took off your helmet before looking at the fight between Kiba and Xenovia. Kiba charged at her with a massive sword, only for him to receive a blunt end of it. He coughed blood out of his mouth and fell to the ground.

I see we both wrapped thing up, might as well help her out. 

You threw your shield and helmet to the side before walking over to Irina. You picked her head up and pulled out a potion from a pouch on the other side of your belt. You grabbed the top with your mouth and pulled it open with a pop. You spit the top to the side and slowly emptied the potion into her mouth (giggity ).

Cmon, drink this.

She swallowed it all( giggity ) and a green glow surrounded her body. All her cuts closed and any blood disappeared. She opened her eye's and looked at you with a blush.

Morning, you feeling better?

Her blush got brighter and she looked at you.

Irina "U-uh, y-yeah."

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