Wonder Who??

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At school charlotte and olivia met with hailey then they saw ethan,cody,and adam charlotte just looked at her friends and smiled and said

" oh oliva and hailey look who is over their ".

"Stop teasing us"

olivia and haley said they all just started to laugh then they reached where the boys were the boys asked

"what are you guys laughing about?"

"We were just laughing about how oliva and hailey reaction when I said you gu-"

charlotte didn't get to finish because olivia croved her mouth and said

" we were just laughing about something on charlotte phone"

"Um ok"

adam and ethan said. Then cody said if we can talk I said yes then adam and ethan came and asked me the same thing that adam did

"do you want to go out with me?"

I thought about it for weeks and I still don't know who to choose" one day cody told me about the guy who I choose I said I don't know then he got mad and said

" they only like you for your looks I only like you because of the way you are!."

After the fight I noticed that cody true beauty is not found in looks but, in how one treats another.  Days and days passed that I didn't talk to cody I felt lonely I realized that cody was a really important for me and if he wasn't here I was going to be all alone because I met cody in the first grade and he was always by side. More days after I thought how me and cody met in the first grade it was when the teacher put us together to work together and she put me and cody together because me and cody didn't like each other at the beginning then one day we just started talking randomly out of nowhere but I will always remember what cody said the last day of school

"charlotte I never met someone like you before we can be best friends till this day on so please remember me and I have a present for you here"

It was a purple beautiful bracelet.I smiled at the memory I just had then I looked down at my purple bracelet and smiled I will always remember that day. I kept looking at the bracelet then everybody started to come in and then I heard this


I jumped then I looked up it was oliva, hailey,cody,ethan,adam. I looked at them and said

"huh what did you guys say?"

" we were talking about something like um what everyone was going to do on friday and I was asking you where do you want to go?."

Then I remembered the day me and cody first went to go eat by yourself for the first time it was at rainbow smoothies.Then I blurted out

"lets go to Rainbow smoothies"

me and cody just looked at each other and smiled. Then on friday I want to meet up with everybody and I only saw cody I asked him

" where is everybody else?."

I asked

"they are not coming because they have something else to do."


"so do you want to go in?."

I asked

" sure".

We went in took a seat at the last table. Then there was an awkward silence. After a few minutes later cody asked me
"why did you want to come here?".

"Um this is going to sound silly I was remembering the day we first ate by ourself without our parents"

cody smiled and said

"that does not sound silly because the day you smiled at me I remembered that you give me the same smile in the first grade just like the other day".

Then me and cody talked about first grade then cody asked

" what were you thinking when we shouted your name?."

"um I was thinking about how we met and how you give me a purple bracelet". Cody smiled at me and said

" you still have it?" I looked at cody and said

" yeah I kept it on since the first grade". " can I see it?" asked cody

" yeah you are the one who give to me."

I give him the bracelet he looked at it and smiled at me and said

" I am sorry about the other day when we had the fight."

" Its okay you said the truth and it was supposed to be said".

After few hours later me and cody were walking becak home because we didn't wait for the others because they didn't come then I looked at him with a mad face and said

" olivia and hailey set us up when we go to school to tomorrow I am going to get them!"

cody looked at me a bit scared of me then I told him

" so where do you want to go now?"

"um Lets go to the fair."

"Ok" I said.

We reached the fair and went on every ride then cody asked to go on the drop I looked at cody and told him

" umm... s-sure"

while putting on my seat belt I changed my mind and told cody

" cody I changed my mind I don't want to get on!"

Cody looked at me surprised then looked down then me after that he said

"Um I think it's to late"

"NOOOOOOOOO I want to get off PLEASE!"

Cody looked at me then he grabbed my hand and said

"I'm going to hold you hand till it's over ok".

After the ride me and cody walked back and we didn't talk at all I didn't talk to him because I was to embarrassed to talk because of what happened at the ride.We reached my house and while was going in inside I heard this

" charlotte wait have to tell you something!"

I turned around to look at cody then I saw him looking down at feets then I heard him say

" I'm not trying to rush you but, do you know who you are going to pick?"

I walked up to cody and looked at his blue deep ocean eyes and held his hand and said

" I'm picking... you cody walker I pick you because I noticed that you are someone very special to me and that you are always going to be on my side."

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