See Through { DRAFT }

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"Daaammmnnn." My friends and I let out as we watch my new neighbor step out her car door and all up to her house.

"T, bitch I ain't gay, but if I was ? Your neighbor would be my first and last victim." My friend Joya says to me. I roll my eyes at her sillyness.

"Joy, shut up. You're gayer than anybody we know. Witcho if I was gay headass." I said, causing our other friends to laugh. She sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes at me.

"No but seriously, she fine as hell. Shawty can get more than it, she can get me and it." Our other friend, Blair, says as we look as his dumb ass in confusion. He looked over at us lost.

"What?" He questions ? We all throw the candy and popcorn we had at him.

"Boo nigga, that was weak. I wish I had a tomato." My friend Jazz says as she mean mugs him. We all giggle at her and roll our eyes.

My neighbor walked back out from her house as a moving truck pulled up. She waited for them to park and get out before she walked up to the truck to and start letting them do their jobs.

As they start to load things into her house, she walks back and forth between her car and the house to put things away. On the way she dropped something and bent down to pick it up. My eyes immediately went wide.

"Yo what the-" Blair started, Joya finished his sentence. "Fuck!" She exclaims. None of us could take our eyes off of the fat ass of the woman. She lifts up and walks back into her home after guiding a mover to wherever she needed the item in their arms to be.

"I'm going over there." Blair says as he stands and makes his way over to the woman's property. "No B! Sit yo ass down! Don't embarrass me like that." I said to him. He looked down at me and rolled his eyes before continuing over there. I stood up and ran after him.

"Blair stop don't." I said to him following him while our friends trailed behind us. Blair started to run faster towards the woman's home and I chased after him.

"Blair quit!" I yelled out. The woman was making her way out of her home as we approached her at a fast past. Blair finally stepped his feet on her grass and I immediately jumped on his back, making us fall forward and roll over in front of the woman.

"Yo!" Jazz's yelled out as she watched us fight with one another in the grass. We ignored her as we continued to go at it. I heard Joya yell at us to stop but we continued to ignore them. It wasn't until we were literally at the woman's feet and heard her clear her throat that we stopped.

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